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white label cbd oil

Our simple pricing model and expert consultancy services provide you with the opportunity to bring a new product to market, at a low entry cost, with minimal risk and provides you with the time to concentrate on launching your brand, delivering sales and profits from day one without all the hard work

Like many CBD brands currently in the market, who are utilising our white label services, you too could easily add your branding to an exceptional product that you can trust.

Looking to grow your business and expand awareness of your brand? Our innovative and unique CBD products are available to your business on white label, and private label opportunities.

We’ll take care of the product development and manufacturing, you take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

LaurelCrest has more than 30 collective years in the CBD industry and is a brand that you can count on to bring your own company from concept through production to an eye-catching fully packaged product. LaurelCrest is family owned and operated and has been since it was created in 2016.

Alkuhme will work with you to create custom formulations so that you can create a full line of CBD products. This manufacturer offers many CBD products, including:

7. LaurelCrest

So whether you want to create a brand that targets athletes and physically active people or pet owners, choosing PeakCity CBD as your white label supplier is a solid decision.

By selling all natural, non-GMO CBD products, you’re sure to appeal to an even broader range of customers. With increased visibility comes increased sales and overall success.

Folium Biosciences offers products that are meant to enhance wellness, active lifestyles, and even cosmetic benefits. They offer all sorts of products, including energy and recovery drinks, gummies, vapes, tinctures, moisturizing creams, and even soft chews for dogs.

CBD High Strength Balm

Our high strength CBD infused lotion.

High Strength Balm

‘Ready to Launch’ White Label CBD products, with full white labelling services to get your brand to market quickly.

Our CBD infused night cream.

Naturally flavoured and Vegan CBD Gummies