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which cbd brothers oil to use

Your best bet in terms of where to buy CBD Brothers online is to check out the official Original Alternative website. They still offer oral CBD tinctures with the ‘CBD Brothers’ label, but the brand itself is officially known as ‘The Original Alternative.’ You can sift through the firm’s full range of items via the official online store.

Read on for our complete Original Alternative review, or check out some of our favourite UK CBD brands below:

There is no ‘high’ at all, but we felt a whole lot better once we used this CBD oil.

Other Original Alternative Products

The first thing we noticed was how calm we all felt after a dose. It took maybe half an hour to work, but there was a noticeable effect. It began with a warm feeling around the eyes followed by an odd (but pleasant) sensation in the body. There was even a slight hint of euphoria, but nothing close to what is provided by THC. We also had noticeably more energy, which is what one would expect from a Sativa blend.

The CBD Brothers / Original Alternative “Blue Edition” comes in three sizes:

The trouble with the CBD market today is the relative lack of regulation. It is possible for practically any firm to create oil (or other CBD products), and claim it is pure cannabidiol. Thus, we always advise you to only deal with companies that have a significant online presence such as CBD Brothers. Its Facebook page alone has over 40,000 likes, and while this is no indicator of quality, at least it spells out the fact that CBD Brothers is likely to be a reputable organization.

One of our product testers suffers from chronic pain in his shoulder and while it didn’t eliminate the pain, it did reduce it slightly. With a higher dose, (or perhaps one of the stronger options like the Red or Black Edition), he believes it would work wonders for the pain. What the oil did do effectively was to improve his sleep and alleviate anxiety .

It’s significantly cheaper than any other similar strength oil I’ve found and even beats Holland and Barrett’s 5% Jacob Hooy oil which is priced at £29.99 for 10ml. With only a couple of issues to iron out regarding the THC levels and labelling, this is probably the best value oil I have used to date.

The oil comes in a 10ml bottle that appears well made and is topped with a leak-proof lid and a bulb-tipped dropper. It has a seal that breaks on its first use but no child-safe cap. Throughout the time I’ve been using it I’ve carried it in a pocket and had no problems with leaks or spills.

The price of 10ml holding 500mg of CBD and CBDa is £21.60. I genuinely went back to the website to double-check this; it’s such an incredible price. The blue edition is nearly £5 cheaper than the purple, hybrid version. For me, the blue edition is my favourite, so I’m delighted with the value.

CBD Brothers Value for Money

This is an aromatic, deep brown oil that comes in a sturdy glass bottle. It has a simple white label, displaying nothing but the company logo. This approach gives the impression that it’s functional and effortlessly stylish. There is no information on the bottle, for that you need to look to the box it comes in. There, you can find everything you need to know, from the best amount to take to how they extract the CBD.

The results show detectable quantities of several cannabinoids, including cannabidivarin and cannabigerol:

The impact of this oil has to be one of my favourites. The Sativa effect is mild but noticeable and I felt pleasantly relaxed yet focused and alert. Most oils I’ve tried to give a calming relaxation but this definitely felt more suited to going about your day. I now have this near my desk to take while I work and use a different oil to help with sleep in the evening.

Included in that is 18.9mg of THC, which falls well outside of the UK’s legal limit of 1mg per container .