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Arriving at the zenith of the Swedish wilderness is richly rewarding, for Kiruna provides a quality aurora show without the tourists. Populated by just 18,000 people, a journey into the Arctic is like a journey to the unknown. Or stay at the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, a place with fewer than 600 inhabitants. You can catch the lights between October and March here, although it’s not uncommon for a display a little earlier and later during periods of extended clear weather.

Watching the Northern Lights in Greenland is very accessible, thanks to the lack of rain and low levels of wind, bringing stable, enjoyable conditions. In addition, Ilulissat is conveniently based in the heart of Greenland’s aurora belt to add further reliability. Between the months of September to April is the best time to visit in this region, and additional daytime activities such as dog sledding and Arctic caving round off the experience.

2. Swedish Lapland

Remote, wild and beautiful, there aren’t too many places that will make you feel more detached from the modern world. Pair that with a colourful blanket of solar wind and magnetic interference, and the Northern Lights in Canada might just be the best natural experience imaginable. You can see the show as early as late-August, running through the winter months until early spring.

Like Tromso, the best months to see the Aurora Borealis are between September to April. For an uninterrupted viewing experience, journey to Hofdabrekka, near Vik in southern Iceland, and enjoy the show in mesmerising isolation. Direct flights to Reykjavik are competitively priced and the capital is very walkable, making it great for a quick getaway.

Greenland’s third largest city is home to just 5,000 people – indicative of just how sparse the region really is. Found on the western coast, Ilulissat provides the opportunity to swap people, noise and disturbance for unadulterated nature.

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In the polar latitudes, auroras can appear on any dark night. Long winter nights are good but not necessarily the best time. Near equinoxes in March and September, the Earth’s magnetic field lets more solar particles interact with the atmosphere, creating aurora seasons! I suggest autumnal equinox in September, when there are pleasant temperatures in polar latitudes. Find the dark hours of your location here, or by using a sky guide app.

For the best seats to this celestial scene, consider anywhere with a magnetic latitude above 55° and low light pollution. Find your magnetic latitude on NOAA and here.

The first time I filmed an aurora was from an icebreaker near Antarctica. Luckily, there are much more accessible places if you’d like to take in these light shows yourself.


I have seen my best auroras from Kirkjufell mountain on the west coast. In high activity you can even spy the northern lights from the suburbs of Reykjavík; the Grotta Lighthouse is a popular viewing spot.

The otherworldly aurora borealis, or northern lights, begin high in the Earth’s atmosphere—at altitudes from 60 to more than 250 miles—when charged particles from the sun become trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. The result is a colorful, dancing light show.

And remember: Besides weather, a dark sky and the right season are the keys. Try moonless nights.

These tips will give you the best shot at experiencing the enchantment of the northern and southern lights.