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water based cbd vs oil based

It is recommended to keep oil droppers under your tongue for one minute before consumption to increase bioavailability because of this effect takes place. It’s also why capsules and edibles are generally not the most effective remedy – they are typically made with a CBD oil, in a powder form.

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Fortunately, scientists have studied this and developed new drug-delivery techniques to overcome the first pass effect and increase bioavailability!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore to hear that water soluble CBD will work faster and more consistently than oil. And let’s be real here… CBD is not a cheap supplement so its important to find an effective product that works so your body gets what you pay for.

Although water-soluble CBD may look more expensive on a “per mg basis” on the shelf, as you saw above, it will provide you more bang for the buck when you consider what your body will retain and utilize!

WE ARE WATER | Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar

You might be thinking, “What about all the CBD capsules and drinks out there? Am I not actually getting the full dose that’s advertised?” The answer to those questions all depend on the method used to formulate the CBD extract.

As you can see, water-soluble CBD powder has endless potential. It makes the most sense for widespread adoption and use in our everyday lives. Sure, you could just drop some CBD oil into any of the examples above. But how much would you actually be absorbing? Not much at all…

Enter Water-Soluble CBD…

As we learned above, the first pass effect greatly decreases the bioavailability of CBD oil when swallowed. So, unfortunately, nearly all CBD-oil capsules that you see on the market will have very poor absorption rates. That translates to taking a 20mg capsule and only actually absorbing around 5mg!

How about throwing some CBD into that latte? No problem at all.

The issue still remains that we cannot effectively absorb CBD when swallowed in it’s natural oil state.

What most people don’t know is that CBD, in its natural oil form, can only be effectively incorporated into the body through a narrow range of uses. Common oil-based delivery methods, like tinctures, are not meant to be swallowed, and for good reason.