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Jason Hand, the CEO of Vape Bright has one goal and that is to provide a pure CBD Vape alternative. He partnered with a chemist by the name of Ben Smith who found a way to create a CBD e-liquid that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, as many other CBD e-liquids do.

The Vape Bright Thrive CBD cartridge contains 200 mg of CBD oil which contain negligible traces of THC and complies with all UK Government guidelines with regard to the sale of CBD online in the UK.

If you are new to vaping, Vape Bright have come up with a chic starter pack. The kit includes the battery, charger and a vape cartridge. The Vape Bright starter pack costs £37.50. You can also buy top up cartridges which cost £29.99 – you can get three refill cartridges for £79.99 for a further little saving.

CBD Oil UK Vapes: Why Vape Bright?

Each CBD Oil Thrive cartridge contains 200 mg of great-tasting pure CBD oil with no PG or other carrier liquids. Designed for your convenience, the Thrive cartridge is easy to take with you and use anytime, anywhere that vaping is allowed. Each puff of Thrive delivers 1 mg of pure organic CBD — up to 10 times what you get from competitors.

Welcome to Thrive, Vape Bright’s revolutionary product, designed to help you prosper and flourish. Vape Bright promise a lot when they say you are going to ‘Thrive’, however, Vape Bright only use the finest organic hemp oil grown in Scandinavia – pure and unadulterated and we all know that taking CBD in our daily wellness regime helps us to thrive.

There are lots of positive reviews on the internet about Vape Bright so if you have any reservations about trying it then you should do a little research to ensure it is what you are looking for.

Enjoy CBD have chosen to partner with Vape Bright to sell their products online in the UK because we consider them to be a trustworthy company who deliver what they say on the label – high quality CBD e-liquid vaping pen and cartridge and we love that their e-liquids are PG free. Vape Bright are a young innovative company who are involved with a lot of research and development of e-liquid products and we are waiting, with interest, for their next product.

Safe, pure and natural, Vape Bright is the fastest, most effective way to access the medicinal benefits of CBD, so you feel brighter, sharper and ready to go.

Welcome to Thrive, Vape Bright’s revolutionary first product, designed to help you prosper and flourish. Each Thrive cartridge contains 200 mg of great-tasting pure CBD oil with no PG or other carrier liquids. Designed for your convenience, the Thrive cartridge is easy to take with you and use anytime, anywhere that vaping is allowed. Each puff of Thrive delivers 1 mg of pure organic CBD — up to 10 times what you get from competitors. Your day just got brighter!

Your body absorbs vaporized CBD oil faster than when you ingest it, and Vape Bright is the number one organic CBD vape oil that contains no propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin.


Formulated to optimize the full therapeutic potential of non-psychoactive CBD, our oil is derived from organic hemp. There are no additives other than natural cannabis terpenes to make Vape Bright taste like real cannabis, not a fruity chemical. You instantly get an extra-strength dose of CBD, up to 10 times what other vape brands provide.


We are proud to be awarded by market leaders such as CBD Oil Review for our excellence in producing trusted, healthful products. Our mission to heighten the well-being of Vape Bright users is embraced by our customers, and their recognition of our commitment to quality moves our mission forward.

We invite you to go Beyond with Vape Bright’s extra potent formulation, designed to push the limits of how much CBD can fit in a single cartridge. Each Beyond cartridge contains over 250 mg of great-tasting CBD oil with no PG/VG. Designed with you in mind, the Beyond cartridge is the easiest way to get the most CBD into your body. Each serving of Beyond gives you 10 mg of CBD with much less effort, offering more than 15 times the amount of CBD in each cartridge than our competitors. The 510 thread battery charges quickly and holds a long life, with up to 100 inhalations.

Vape Bright is widely known for their CBD vape cartridge called “Thrive”. Thrive is supposedly naturally flavored and is said to contain 10 mg of pure CBD per serving. In addition, it is said to contain terpenes, which is a naturally-derived flavor known of the hemp plant. In most cases, firms that focus on the extraction of “pure CBD” tend to eliminate terpenes, but this is a disadvantage considering the fact that they contain therapeutic properties that contribute towards one’s overall healing experience.

In addition to the Thrive, consumers can also purchase it alongside the “Vape Bright Batter, Charger and Case”. As for the battery, it is a 510-thread battery that does not require any buttons, supposedly has a battery life of 100 inhalations, charges within 30 minutes and carries a 3.2 volt setting to maximize on size of vape.

Vaping CBD is believed to be immediate because it bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream via the lungs. It has been a preferred alternative to oils because of its instant effects, which offer short-term relief. This is where Vape Bright comes into play.

Vape Bright Products

In general, Scandinavian countries are believed to have restricted laws when it comes to CBD ingestion and production. For instance, CBD products should not contain more than 0.2% of THC. This is a good sign considering that the accepted threshold known to be free of mind-altering effects is 0.3%. However, the downside with said restriction is that they only support the extraction of CBD, which implies Vape Bright vapes are not full spectrum (as seen in the product description as well).

Overall, Vape Bright appears to be an interesting brand to consider for vaping CBD. Not only have they considered an organic source for hemp to extract CBD from, but they’ve also ensured to include terpenes, which is typically removed when extracting pure CBD source. Additionally, their decision to stick to its natural flavor, as opposed to adding colorants and sugar is praiseworthy as it can easily deteriorate the properties of CBD.

Based on the prices above, Vape Bright essentials appear to be comparable to the average CBD vape brand. The prices are relatively low; however, this could be solely due to the fact that the concentration of CBD found in their vapes are rather limited to 200 or 250mg, along with the fact that a purer source of CBD is present as opposed to a full spectrum source.

In recent times, the use of cannabinol (CBD) has expanded to the point where unique solutions and delivery methods have shown to relieve stress, body pain, inflammation and even promote healthier skin. While this respective market is still under study (as not a lot of research exists to confirm its benefits), several consumers around the world claim it to be effective. An interesting way to ingest CBD, believe it or not, is through vaping.