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Joolez is a diamond ring marketplace powered by behavioral science and artificial intelligence, to help you find the perfect diamond ring based on what matters most to you.

Learning starts in the brain, and everyone’s brains are different. These differences significantly affect how we learn, process information, and acquire knowledge. Our Adaptive Learning Platform appeals to students by delivering online courses in a format that is most logical to their existing way of thinking, learning, and processing information.

Agency Partners

ErgoAI is an app that is redefining normality in the way companies Monitor and Prevent workplace injuries. By aggregating 15 years of cutting-edge Ergonomic research, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we rethought the old, reactive & one-dimensional solutions, and developed a Proactive & Real-Time replacement.

We’re building a new type of product recommendation platform, one that focuses on people’s needs. Enhance your user experience and grow your customer conversions with the help of RECO, our A.I. Engine.

Change the way your customers shop.

Deviate is a job marketplace that is redefining normality in the way companies attract, select, and retain talent. We are introducing two science-base improvement to help companies hire smarter and help Job seekers find career paths that capitalize on their strengths.

Fresh breath combined with discrete and convenient delivery of your daily dose of CBD, sign me up! Enjoy our TruNano Labs 15mg CBD Sublingual Breath Strips on the go, at work, or anytime to give your breath & mind some fresh air. Grab a 7-pack or save and get four 7-packs for the price of three.

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Ingredients: CBD, Menthol, Cocoa Butter, Natural Flavors (contains soy)
Flavor: Mint
Strength: 105mg (1 oral strip = 15mg CBD)

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