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thrive cbd oil

Dosage Instructions:

500mg Bottle (1.67%): Start with 1 full pipette a day. This is approx. 17mg of CBD.

This natural plant-based remedy promotes homeostasis (the fancy term for ‘balance within the body’) encouraging optimal health and wellbeing. CBD is here to make you feel better.


As a rule of thumb, you should always contact your doctor or pharmacist before mixing medicine as CBD may work with or against other chemicals present in your body.

We recommend that healthy adults start with 15-20mg a day, spread over 1-2 doses.

Our 1000mg packs twice the punch in the same bottle. Make our best selling strength an essential part for your self-care routine.

So what’s different?

I received a bottle of Thrive’s CBD oil to try, for the purposes of this review. However all opinions are my own.

Review of Thrive CBD Oil

As for the CBD, again, it’s THC free so won’t get you high (thanks to a patented cold ethanol extraction process), comes in 500mg strength and their cannabis is organically grown without any harsh pesticides and the oil is lab tested. Pretty standard. The matte coating on the bottle is not only for prettiness – although we’re warned on the box not to leave our oil out in sunlight, I imagine this goes some way in protecting the oil inside from inadvertent sunlight exposure.

There’s a new brand of CBD coming to your virtual shopping baskets. It’s called Thrive – and I was excited to try it and learn more about the brand to find out what’s different about it.

This is a food blog where I share my recipes and while I refer to my own health journey nothing here should be taken as medical advice. For that you need to chat with your doctor.