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three kings cbd oil

This strain is about two-thirds sativa and one-third indica with THC levels that vary in the 20s depending on cultivation methods. Once you take your first inhale of this genetic masterpiece, some consumers say you can expect your lids to drop just a little and every worry you’ve accumulated throughout the day to disappear. Some have suggested It’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a means to relieve their anxiety or rid their mind from repetitive thought patterns that dim their mood. When it’s not overused, it may be possible to maintain a certain clarity and focus. So, according to some reviewers it’s a great wake-and-bake strain. Many have also reported that there is not much of a body high with 3 Kings, so it may not help with aches or pains too much if you have any.

3 Kings has been reported to be a powerful cannabis strain that may be better suited for experienced consumers that want to enjoy a cerebral high. It received its name from its lineage, in that it is reported to be the product of combining genes from the three 5-star strains – Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. All three have a reputation in the cannabis community for having strong effects. And thus, 3 Kings was cultivated.

Once you open up your package of 3 Kings, you’ll be greeted with the typical scent of an OG strain which is a mix of diesel and sour lemons. It can certainly seem skunky, and the stronger the scent, the more potent it will likely be. Before you break up your flower, you’ll be able to admire its sugar-coated appearance which warns you of its powerful potential. Its taste is unlike its scent, often being woody or like freshly churned soil.

As 3 Kings is the child of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, two strains well-known for their high THC levels and mesmerizing highs, it would stand to reason that 3 Kings would have a comparatively strong THC content.

You will feel an intense happiness that will leave you with a smile firmly rooted on your face, as well as just feeling generally relaxed. However, this blissful relaxation is then altered by a powerful urge to do something physical, ideally something creative.

3 Kings, being a hybrid, causes effects that are generally considered to belong to either sativas or indicas . By containing both types of effects, 3 Kings is able to be a sort of smorgasbord of different marijuana experiences.

3 Kings THC Content – Highest Test

Additionally, you can expect the standard dry mouth and dry eyes that accompany pretty much any hybrid strain, as well as the occasional spell of dizziness .

3 Kings’ parentage is readily apparent, both in its flavor and aroma and its effects, making 3 Kings a strain that is essentially a beautiful combination of both of its parents.

It will begin to taste far more hash-like than either of its parents. This flavor profile is similar, but entirely separate from its parents, making the flavor of 3 Kings a unique experience in its own right.

This is likely because the majority of the CBD content has been bred away through countless generations of crossbreeding so as to make the cleanest, most THC-rich as possible. Even though the actual THC content of 3 Kings isn’t very high, it hasn’t made much room for CBD either.