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thc laden hemp oil

That is why we chose to create three products,

That is why we chose to create three products,

AAAAAAAAAH, an oil that includes jojoba, sea buckthorn oil and evening primrose oil for hydration and self care.

MMMMMMMH, a serum with, among other things, organic Aloe Vera and lactic acid for extra moisture, glide and enjoyment.

All three are PH balancing and above all packed with CBD.
Because if you are going to use intimate products, then use good ones.

There is something missing in the intimate care industry. This was realized by Hemply Balance’s doctor and gynecologist Dr. Hildur Hadenius who specializes in human health and holistic healing. Her commitment is based on a genuine interest in the endocannabinoid system’s connection to balance and well-being in the body. She is also frustrated over all the chemical-laden preparations that are currently available in the intimate market. So we wanted to meet the great demand for natural, organic and environmentally friendly products, because the lack of quality ingredients that are kind to the genitals is enormous. Not to mention the products that want to capitalize on women’s insecurities regarding their intimate parts. You can not include harmful substances in products that are intended for such a sensitive area on our complex bodies.

OOOOOOOOH, an intimate wash including avocado- and castor oil for an optimal barrier intended to protect the genitals from soap and shampoo in the shower.

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