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thc for dog

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the potent psychoactive substance in marijuana and dogs have a much more severe reaction to this than humans. Symptoms are typically visible within 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion of the drug, or sooner if inhaled.

There has been a much higher incidence of dogs suffering from marijuana toxicosis than cats. This is because users often mix the drug into palatable baked goods, which is a particular problem if a dog is a renowned counter surfer.

Marijuana Toxicity Exposure

With proper treatment, dogs will usually recover fully within one to two days.

Dr. Stacy Meola is a Criticalist at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Colorado and was also one of the lead veterinarians involved in the above-mentioned study. She explains that “the most common sign is stumbling and crossing over their feet, and walking like they are drunk (ataxic).” In the study, 88% of the dogs presented with this symptom. Around 50% of dogs will also likely appear dull and lethargic with dilated pupils, and will flinch in reaction to fast movements toward their face.

The number of cases of marijuana intoxication in dogs has risen dramatically in recent decades. Fortunately, it’s rarely fatal, but it can bring about some worrying symptoms, and you should always seek veterinary advice if you suspect your dog has ingested this drug.

One of the best benefits about THC is that it provides instant pain relief. So, if your dog often suffers from medical issues like chronic pain or arthritis, THC might be beneficial for them. This is because it will block the brain from sensing pain which can help your dog to rest more.

Sometimes dogs can become very paranoid if they ingest too much THC. This can involve them pacing up and down halls or panting heavily. In addition to this, it can also make your dog feel very anxious. Due to this, they might turn into a completely different dog and be irritable, grouchy, and maybe even a little dangerous since they aren’t fully aware of what is going on.

THC Oil Benefits

Ingesting too much THC can cause abnormal heartbeats in dogs. This is because it can cause their body to overwork which can cause their heart to beat quickly and irregularly.

So, does CBD oil contain THC? Most of the time CBD oil is completely free from THC. However, this isn’t to say that very small and undangerous traces of it can sometimes be left behind. Because of this, CBD oil with THC isn’t uncommon, but it’s not harmful.

It’s very easy to use THC oil. Usually, this oil will come in a bottle with a dropper you can use to measure the doses out with. This way, it can make it a bit easier to ensure you don’t overuse it.

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THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is widely considered the main psychoactive compound of cannabis.

What About Products That Contain Both THC and CBD? Are These Products Safe for Pets?

There isn’t a lot of information available about why dogs are so sensitive to THC, but we know that their size and weight play a big part.

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re already interested in using cannabis with your pet.

Unfortunately, most cases of marijuana poisoning happen when animal’s get into their owner’s supply of cannabis.

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