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Extracting the full power of hemp is not an easy task. It requires multiple types of extraction, distillation, and chromatography. Taking shortcuts results in less minor cannabinoids, less terpenes, less of the benefits that you truly need. You may have tried full spectrum CBD before, but you have not tried anything like this.

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All of our extracts come from legal, compliant hemp. The hemp plant is an agricultural commodity and is available to be used for this purpose in all 50 states. This is because the amount of THC in the hemp plant is considered a miniscule and non-psychoactive amount. Because the plant is predominantly CBD, the wellness compounds within can be enjoyed without obstruction or separation.

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These awards are no wonder given the fact that Green Roads was among the first CBD companies to request and complete independent lab-testing on all their products. Utilizing an accredited independent lab to oversee lab testing of their products, Green Roads has ensured that their customers are getting the best quality oils possible.

Joy Organics runs several discounts for members such as:

2. CBDistillery – Best Information Provider

The affordable costs ensured by Extract Labs’ discount program have done little to affect the quality of its products. The site boasts that all its products are created from 100% natural ingredients, and each batch is tested. The lab reports for Extract Labs products can be viewed on the site using only the batch identification. The potency and effectiveness of Extract Labs’ products have led to more than 400 five-star customer reviews. While returns are only accepted within a seven-day window, customer service is available to correct any issues that might arise.

With the ability to save up to $40 per order by utilizing this reward program and their effective customer service, it is no wonder that Kats Botanicals has continued to grow over the years.

Unlike many of the other brands and providers on our list, Green Roads originally started in 2013 under the guidance of pharmacist Laura Fuentes. The company was aimed at producing nonprescription CBD products for family and friends but quickly grew over time. With the incorporation of new team members, including several pharmacists, the company has stepped away from its local roots, producing products that have garnered several awards, including:

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Because there is a scant amount of THC within the plant extract, it can metabolize in your system to where it is enough to cause a positive result on a urine test. You can contact the lab directly should you like to know exactly what is being tested for and if a full spectrum cbd product is allowed.

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Sourced from the best hemp farms in the US, five™ CBD has the most stringent standards for our suppliers.