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In California, a majority now supports legalization, and a new law in favor of legalization is being floated. Now that support for legalization is rising nationwide, the right needs to ask itself: are we in support of legalization, or not?

Though the moral argument should be enough, it so happens that tax revenues from cannabis sales bring immense revenues to the state, as well. The first week of sales in Colorado topped $5 million, about half a million dollars of which will go to the state of Colorado. The state projects $600 million in total sales annually, bringing in $70 million in tax revenue. That means less fiscal pressure to introduce or maintain other forms of business-strangling taxation.

Consider that cannabis is readily available everywhere, whether it is legal or not. Also, consider that proposals for cannabis legalization are on a state-by-state basis, so the legalization of cannabis in Colorado does not impact its legality in Idaho or Utah. So, any potential damage from the legalization of cannabis is restricted to the states in which it is legalized.

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum has been sounding the alarm about marijuana use for years. In a September column at CNN, he implied that cannabis is harmful, but he didn’t say why.

Opposition to cannabis legalization is primarily driven by righteous indignation rather than assessment of objective harm. “If I don’t like it, and don’t use it, no one should.” Isn’t codifying personal indignation as ironclad law a failing of the nanny-state left? Do we need more excuses to extend the reach of the federal government and the police state?

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