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rsho cbd oil reviews

The company website also provided very clear information regarding ordering, shipping and return policies. Shipping options are very clear, even detailing when your order will be shipped. This is dependant on the time you place the order. Return policies are clear, and the company clearly states the products it will not accept for return, like used vape pens. Pricing for the products was clear and there was a separate link on the website to navigate to all CBD products that are on sale at a particular time.

There is nothing on the label regarding THC. The lab tests do have THC results but you have to link to the lab test results using the QR code. The farms are licensed and registered in Europe and the hempseed is too. The Netherlands is a perfect growing environment and the hemp plants are a naturally resilient crop, so nature apparently works her magic in the Netherlands.

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The lab tests are performed by ProVerde Laboratories, based in Massachusetts and Maine. This lab provides all of the testing for RSHO branded products. Pro Verde is widely regarded in the industry as a very reputable, independent third party lab.

RSHO carries a few different products including oil, tinctures, dab isolate and capsules, The HempMeds site does carry other lines like a pet line of CBD but it is not branded as RSHO. The main RSHO product line has either a green, blue or gold label. Green labels represent the rawest form of CBD extract, meaning it is the most natural full spectrum product. The gold label is a filtered product where most of the plant material has been removed. This has mainly been done to improve taste. The blue label represents the RSHO high CBD content product line; the product has been mildly heated to convert CBDa into further CBD to produce a highly concentrated product. RSHO even offers a special blue-gold label blended product which is the most concentrated CBD oil. Finally, the Maximum Strength CBD oil concentrate is a Green/Gold Label combination.

Regarding lab results, here is what is reported for the CBD gold label 800mg CBD product:

Crafted from hemp imported from a 750 – family farm collective in Northern Europe, Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) has become a household name for many CBD enthusiasts. RSHO has earned its position as the longest standing high – quality hemp oil in the world; people know that this product is going to be very consistent. On their online store, one could spend anywhere from $34 to $3000 on items like the traditional syringe filled with RSHO, tinctures, capsules, waxes, and isolates all in a dizzying array of varieties.

It looks as though RSHO has trademarked the term ‘triple lab testing’ which they tout as standard procedure. While we desire to believe this is true, we, unfortunately, must hold out until they present proper Certificates of Analysis. However, RSHO has some very substantial evidence that it is the real deal. Two different children, one in Brazil and one in Mexico, were given RSHO by their parents and experienced a drastic improvement in their conditions. Unfortunately, at the time, hemp oil was still illegal. Combined efforts from numerous parties including RSHO resulted in the legalization of CBD oil in both countries, and Brazil went as far as making it a prescription medicine that is covered by insurance. While a current CoA would be beautiful to see, these compelling stories speak volumes about the incredible level of quality that emanates from Real Scientific Hemp Oil.

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It is beyond remarkable the Real Scientific Hemp Oil was able to help change the laws surrounding CBD in both Brazil and Mexico. Two different children experienced such positive results in their illness while using RSHO that it sparked major controversy when they were not allowed to have it in their home country. RSHO is the wise old grandpa of the CBD industry. Sometimes Grandpa forgets to publish his Certificates of Analysis, but we still all know he’s a great guy. Hats off to Real Scientific Hemp Oil for creating such a legendary product.

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Additionally, Real Scientific Hemp Oil sells and ships their CBD products to all 50 states and over 40 other countries, including Brazil, where RSHO was the first legal CBD oil in the country in 2014. Two more years later, RSHO-X CBD oil (which is THC-free) was also the first legal CBD oil in Mexico. Because of their international reach and dedication to improving access to hemp, this brand appears to be a leader in the CBD industry with a transparent attitude towards all of the products they create.

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RSHO carries a few different products, all of which fall into one of four varieties of CBD hemp oil: green label, blue label, gold label, and special blend. Essentially, the green label is the rawest form of CBD extract and maintains most of the plant’s natural compounds. The blue label products have been heated to turn CBDa into CBD for a higher concentration of cannabidiol. The gold label is filtered even further to remove most of the plant material and improve taste. Lastly, the RSHO special blend combines the blue label and gold label formulas to create their most concentrated CBD oil.

When deciding where to source their hemp from, Real Scientific Hemp Oil decided to go with family farms in Northern Europe since regulations in the U.S. made it difficult to use a domestic hemp source at that time.

The RSHO hemp salve has multiple uses, and it can be applied topically to help with irritated or dry skin, fine lines, and even muscle discomfort.