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revert cbd oil

Our proprietary processing techniques yield high grade oils. CBD oils never tasted this good!

Revert is a Portland based company focused on providing CBD products that are not only the finest quality but also affordable and available to everyone. Starting with the highest agricultural standards, Revert sources domestically from the fertile Willamette Valley in Oregon. Oregon is home to some of the finest farmland in the country. The end result is an unparalleled quality in our raw materials, and our products.


500 mg/ 1000 mg potencies | Natural Flavor or Cold Pressed Peppermint | FULL SPECTRUM CBD Distillate & Organic MCT Oil | No chemicals added

There are many competitors selling products that don’t compare with our standards. Revert is dedicated to providing the best full spectrum products available. It is our mission to promote the access to these products, and encourage conversations regarding our brand. That means distributing to a store near you so you can see for yourself, rather than gamble your hard earned dollars on overpriced snake oil.

Revert is committed to supplying the finest Oregon sourced full spectrum CBD and Hemp products available,
at the best prices for the everyday consumer.

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There are a few ways a cannabis plant can revert from its flowering stage back to a vegetative stage.

As mentioned above, cloning a plant while it’s in the flowering stage is called monster cropping. To successfully do this, take clones from the lower branches of a plant when it’s in the second or third week of flowering.

Cannabis is an annual flowering plant, its life cycle limited to just one season. In the wild, it grows from a seed, flowers, and dies, all between spring and fall. Once a female plant dies, it will drop seeds, which are responsible for carrying genes through to the next growing season.


When harvesting a weed plant, leave a few healthy buds and branches intact at the base of the plant. Reset the plant’s photoperiod back to a vegetative schedule: 18 hours of light/6 hours of dark a day (as opposed to the 12 light/12 dark schedule it had when flowering).

Growers will sometimes keep mother plants, which are plants that always stay in the vegetative stage for the purpose of cloning only. But keeping mother plants takes time and space. Re-vegging allows you to get rid of mother plants, freeing up space in your grow for plants that only produce buds. It also saves time and resources, as you won’t have to tend to mother plants.

Take a clone as you normally would, but be sure to remove all visible flowering nodes from each clone. This will improve the clone’s ability to root out by halting flower production within the cutting.

The re-vegging process is highly stressful on a plant and even if it does re-veg successfully, aberrations often occur, such as unusual leaf growth and hermaphroditism. Re-vegged plants are more delicate and must be given more attention and care.