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rethink cbd oil review

The mission and aim of CBD ReThink is to inspire people to rethink their views on cannabinoids and maybe even holistic wellness at large. CBD ReThink is a solid brand when it comes to transparency and the quality of their broad-spectrum CBD oil. They are very close to earning our Safety Badge and offer some interesting options that land them the Innovation Badge as well.

CBD ReThink is an American company that sources US hemp plants and manufactures their CBD product line in the USA. Their aim is to be known as experts in CBD oil, with the best value and selection of broad-spectrum products. The brand is trusted by numerous hospitals, vet clinics, and pharmacies around the country.

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And we believe that’s for three reasons:

Bottom Line – At the end of the day, CBD ReThink is a pretty solid brand. They’re trusted by healthcare businesses across the country for their transparency.

We appreciate the well-rounded catalog from CBD ReThink as well as their easy-to-navigate site (turns out, not all hemp people are web people!). We’ll highlight the CBD catalog and point out some winners and losers:

Loren Marlow (verified owner) – November 1, 2019

seth (verified owner) – October 18, 2019

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ReThink CBD Gummy Drops – 50CT – 500MG

Tincture oil is dosed under the tongue and can provide quick relief from a variety of health-related issues. By taking advantage of the endocannabinoid system in the body, our CBD hemp tincture oils may act as a kick starter for the body’s nervous system. While there are many great benefits of our tincture oils, the best thing about all our products is that we use naturally-grown whole plant hemp to extract the CBD oil from, to ensure that no THC is included in any of our products.

sandrasantosgomes (verified owner) – February 26, 2020

For our customers who have purchased our Sublingual CBD Products (Tincture Oil) we recommend you follow these dosage guidelines.

Melissa Barron (verified owner) – September 26, 2019