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pure life cbd oil uk

I contacted Purelife twice about two bottles I had of full spectrum oil that had melted the the top of pipette bottles, like acid ! It leaked all over my clothes in the bedroom draw, thick tar like substance and absolutely stank, runied some expensive t-shirts !

I love their oils found them from ebay followed to Purelife website been a customer for 2 years and fast shipping.

I love their oils found them from ebay…

Brilliant staff, very helpful whenever I called. I went to them having researched who provided CBD products with lots of information, they crucially provide the certificate showing independent verification of the contents and when I compared them against nearest competitor they simply allowed me to shop or become a customer if I wanted to. Their competitor hasn't stopped mailing me big glossy brochures with a picture of a nice lady (who claims to be a doctor without citing her qualifications), since I bought one thing.

It's cheap for a reason, avoid !

You can check/scan your email inbox for the 26th of June and the 6th of July for photographic evidence that I emailed to you at [email protected] They maybe under a different name or email, but be rest assured it happened and they were sent and ignored by yourself at purelife !

CBD Gummy Bears taste good and melt in your mouth. Easy pop in a pocket for any-time CBD use.

Customers who use several CBD products in combination asked for more easily recognisable bottles for our different CBD options. Our new plain coloured CBD Oil bottle labels make it easier to pick up the right option for a busy day or to help you relax.

Essican Purelife CBD vape juice is a quick and easy way to benefit from CBD. Easy to carry with you and convenient to use, you can choose from a variety of strengths of CBD vape to suit your wellness regime in an exciting range of flavours.

CBD Balm and Massage Oils

Purelife organic carrier oils and essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, tinctures, steam inhalation, to make your own blended massage oils and to condition skin and hair.

For best value CBD you can choose Raw Extract CBD in Virgin Hemp containing organic CBD extract in its most natural state or alternatively Raw Extract CBD in MTC – great for every-day use or people who are new to CBD and want to try a less concentrated version. Raw CBD Whole Plant Extract Paste contains all of the plant materials from the hemp plant. Full Spectrum CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies are handy for CBD on the go. CBD Isolate is a 99.99% pure CBD powder soluble in both water and oil based carriers. CBD balm and massage oil are applied directly to the skin for surface skin issues and to be absorbed. You can choose one option or mix and match products to give you a range of ways to use CBD throughout the day. Find out more on our CBD products page and on the individual product pages.

You can find detailed information on each of Essican Purelife’s high quality CBD products on the individual product pages, but here is a summary of their makeup and uses:

Carefully sourced from around the world, then blended and bottled in our UK facilities, we are able to ensure the exceptional quality of the oils we supply to the UK and Europe. We are one of the market leaders in the UK for full spectrum Supercritical CO2 extracted CBD oil and are delighted with the feedback we receive from our customers for our organic cannabidiol oil. Many years of direct dispatch experience allows efficient delivery from UK stock direct to your door.