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pure cannaceuticals cbd oil

We start with phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) components that are produced, manufactured, and distributed legally and domestically from within the United States. Our products and practices are U.S. Farm Bill Compliant. The certified hemp used in PureCannaceutical blends contains no pesticides, no fungicides, no heavy metals, and is free from mildew and mold.

PureCannaceutical is an ultra-premium line of natural hemp based supplements. Our products contain specific, plant-derived nutrients that are vital to the encouragement of optimal function of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), which can promote homeostasis in the human body.

Enhanced with our proprietary blend of specific carriers and hemp extracts, PureCannaceutical offers an increased bioavailability with an extended half-life compared to water-based products. Our products are tested independently by accredited third-party testing facilities. This allows us to confirm and maintain accuracy, quality, and consistency, ensuring that our customers receive the absolute highest standard in PCR extract products.

I tried their gummies for my anxiety. Amazing. Expensive but amazing lol.

We're all using the Pure Cannaceutical brand and having amazing results. especially my daughter with autoimmune illness. off over 10 medications. Just amazed with results.

Has anyone heard of this brand? It's local to Oklahoma.

This is a laughable, misdirected, competitor post. It is fatuous to suggest that Can-Tek Labs Pure-Cannaceuticals are anything less than in the top 10% of all Hemp Oils in the USA. They are in a rare FDA approved facility (for the industry), sponsoring the World Medical Cannabis Conference with no outside investment (like the Chinese Billionaire Oligarchs paying for Charlottes Web to host conferences), and value rigid 3rd party testing for purity and efficacy. MCTs are awesome, their Hemp Seed is the best, and their concentrations have the HIGHEST Active Molecule Content and concentrations around! This is absurd and obviously a troll/hater selling some dog-dookie Isodiol white-label product or somebody who was corrected by that company in some way.

Price: $149.95

Price: $69.95

Price: $ 149.95

1000 mg Hemp Extract Size: 60 mL | 10 mL

Total Hemp Extract: 500 mg Size: 60 mL