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primemybody cbd oil

Promotes focus & energy


Not all CBDHemp products are created alike, most are not absorbable, or organic, not third-party tested, they don’t taste good, and they have fillers and additives that you don’t want!


it’s incredible for neuro inflammation and includes CBG which is neuro regenerative and neuroprotective! Essential for brain health!

To become an affiliate, you must pay a $39 enrollment fee which gets you your own website, back-office software, and a rewards program emphatically advertised as the best around.

PMB uses domestically sourced industrial hemp that is then extracted with ethanol and put through a chromatography process to separate THC. We don’t necessarily have a problem with the ethanol extraction method, provided the company in question conducts testing for residual solvents. PMB does not appear to test for solvents, plus their CoAs are not SKU specific and are generated by Quicksilver Scientific (in this case, not a third party). Therefore, we must withhold the Safety Badge in this instance.

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Bottom Line – Prime My Body is a CBD company that operates on the MLM model, and we are historically hesitant to get behind these types of brands. They check the boxes on quality, mission, and innovation, but we are suspicious of their known penchant for inflating numbers at conferences, their lack of third-party testing, and the undisclosed nature of their relationship with Quicksilver Scientific.

Prime My Body’s claim to fame was being one of the first to offer an innovative liposomal delivery system wherein cannabinoids are encapsulated inside phospholipids, allowing for dramatically enhanced absorption. Since then, they’ve taken things further with their yet-to-launch CBD oil which uses ‘Nano Sonicated Technology’ to create the liposomes which surround the compounds. Their line is focused and appears top notch, but there’s a catch — to date, you have to be an affiliate member to purchase directly from the company. Yep, here’s another multi-level marketing CBD brand out for world domination. The products aren’t too shabby, but proceed with caution.

The Prime My Body CBD product line is simple, and the cannabidiol contained herein all falls within the liposomal, water-soluble category:

If you want to try your luck on being an affiliate, simply head over to their website at and register the startup cost as little as $39, so there is no significant risk. Being an affiliate marketer means you have to study the products and understand their exact application. This way, you can efficiently market them to others. Either way, it is an excellent business opportunity, and Prime My Body has made it very accessible.

Though other negative reviews are floating around the internet on the company in regards to the payment process and other dilemmas, we are confident that the company lives up to its client-centric values and works hard to fix my issues as they come.

Countless reviews say that despite some issues, the product itself is worth every penny as it lives up to its expectations. There are many happy customers, even with the problems, which may be the company’s simple mistakes in processing orders.


However, one of the most common reviews is the company’s price, which tends to be more expensive than other companies that are offering similar products for a lower price. Consequently, it can lure consumers to their competitors. With PrimeMyBody’s high quality, the cost has a justification.

If there are parts that seem confusing to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of their affiliates for more details.

The search for the perfect CBD oil continues to be a challenge as many companies seem to emerge every year and bring about the same promise of spectacular results. With the legalization of CBD across many states, more companies are springing up daily in a bid to partake in the wealth of the industry. Subsequently, this can make it difficult for a consumer to choose what products to use while being confronted with a lot of options.

In every business, there are two players involved: the buyer and the seller of the product. What makes the company’s marketing technique plausible is that they use their affiliates to their advantage by encouraging other people to try the one product first before eventually joining as their fellow affiliates as well.