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Very interesting post. They are obviously trying very hard to make their product the best it can be, but they really need to work on the way the information is presented. I definitely appreciate what they're trying to do with testing though, and the questions they have for a laboratory are ones I will use in the future.

That said I'm still not sold 100% on this company, I feel like we would have heard more about them on this subreddit. I reached out to them on their Youtube page about doing an AMA on this subreddit, so we can ask them the right questions.

Just want to get some opinions and also see if there is anything else anyone would recommend. I have dealt with anxiety since I was 22. I used to smoke a lot of weed in high school and early college. Eventually I had to quit smoking weed because of panic attacks. I wasn't enjoying the intense high anymore.

I'm now in my late twenties and have recently been trying various pure CBD products ranging from mouth sprays to oils trying to get a feel for what works best for me. I have realized that I prefer not to smoke the oils or vape them because it feels a little harsh and it's kind of a pain in the butt when I can just eat something and it works for much longer without all the nonsense.

So far the strongest stuff I've had is plusCBD. I actually feel it. I tried vaping and smoking it in pens and devices such as magic flight, but Instead I just eat the oil jelly probably about 1/2 gram a day (it's pretty expensive stuff).It seems to be the most effective.

I am reading the label and it only has 3mg CBD per serving. Is that enough or did I get ripped off?

That's what I thought. It just seems unusual to me that a serving is so low. It says a half dropper is 13mg Hemp Oil and 3mg CBD.

Start with specified serving. Up it if you are not getting out of if what you are looking for. Plus CBD is a trusted brand.

It depends on your endocannabinoid system and why you're using CBD. It's possible that 3mg is enough, albeit extremely unlikely. The people I know using CBD for anxiety take around 10-15mg per day; People with pain usually take upwards of 25mg+