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phountain cbd oil

It’s critically important to test any kind of hemp oil. Even if something is labeled as CBD isolate, you should still see the third-party lab tests that back that up. Testing is important for three primary reasons:

In the United States, marijuana is what they call any cannabis plant that contains levels of THC higher than 0.3%. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that has been legalized in many states (either medicinally or recreationally) but is still illegal on a federal level.

Oil Extraction

Learn more about how to extract CBD in part two to determine what makes a good CBD Extract.

The same goes for hemp extracts. The best full spectrum hemp oil is made by using the best natural hemp. Naturally, healthy plants often taste better, smell better and contain more cannabinoids like CBD. This is especially important if you’re taking a whole-plant approach by buying full spectrum hemp oil, as opposed to CBD isolate. Compare these two types of CBD extracts to see why the source material’s quality matters so much.

The functionality of this book is to show you how to seek, find, and enjoy CBD-rich cannabis. Facts and aesthetics both matter if what you seek is a quality product and a satisfying experience.

Taylor attributes the Phountain business model to a personal quest for education and longevity after having lost significant family members to various debilitating diseases. He conducted extensive study on diseases and all existing options that are proven to increase our immunity. This search led to uncovering the works of a host of scientists including (1931) Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg for his work on the cause and prevention of cancer and his claim about how "cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment."

Phountain conducts many community outreach programs, including food drives and charity fundraisers, and is a major supporter of all Long Island outdoor sports such as the "6 th Precinct Cops Who Care" Bicycle Race and the Annual Triathalon Series produced by EventPower Group.

Dr. Lori Trentacoste , Long Island resident and practicing Audiologist, has been a long-time student of the alkaline theory of immunity. "To find everything I’ve been reading about under one roof is remarkable. I find Phountain to truly promote a complete lifestyle; the exact kind that I’ve been personally studying even before Phountain even existed!"

NEW YORK , May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Phountain Health Centers celebrate their fifth anniversary since the launch of their detoxing and alkaline lifestyle campaign. Founder and chief researcher Glenn Taylor developed the concept behind all Phountain stores promoting advanced wellness technologies and restorative supplements inspired by some of the world’s most prominent leaders in alternative health studies.

The "Phountain Health" standards are achieved through organic nutritional "super-foods," a micro-nutrient-based diet program and a daily regimen of detox solutions to restore the body’s alkalinity (from the dangers of acidity). Phountain’s alkaline water launched to reach island-wide popularity, thanks to its many advantages. Each Phountain Center carries state-of-the-art technologies designed to aid the body’s self-healing elements such as: the vitamin D sun bed, ionizing foot baths, the infra-red sauna, body vibration and the PEMF THERAPY system (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field)- regarded worldwide for improving immunity and advanced pain relief on a cellular level.

If you’ve ever wondered about CBD, what it really is and how it’s legal to sell here at Cornucopia, we’re going to break it down for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about what this item is and what it can really do for your health!

Plus CBD offers a full line of products; sprays and tinctures are the best absorbed as they do not use the digestive system. These can also be added into your food or drinks for easy ingestion. They also offer capsules, gel caps, concentrated doses, and topical balms. This company uses a chemical-free extraction process, environmentally friendly process, is non-GMO, gluten free and third-party quality tested. They even crafts their products to have a “hemptourage” effect; coupling CBD with healthy fatty acids and additional phytocannibinoids to ensure proper absorption and optimal function of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD and THC affect the body completely differently when you get down to the science of it; THC binds to the CB1 receptor which are found in the nervous system and brain. This is why there’s such a strong mood alteration. If obtaining marijuana-derived CBD you will receive of mixture of both compounds. However, CBD derived from hemp contains little to none THC (legally less than .3%) and does not bind to this receptor. Rather, CBD moves through 60 different molecular pathways affecting much more areas of the body. CBD can help maintain homeostasis of the ECS itself, which in turn aids to balance the body as a whole.

One of, if not the largest, controversial wellness topics of the moment is using cannabis-derived compounds for health purposes. Specifically CBD, holds potential to help an immense amount of individuals but scares them off due to its sourcing. CBD products are sprouting up everywhere from here at Cornucopia to larger chain stores like Target, and are continuing to expand in the wellness market.

First and foremost, receiving your CBD-based products from a trustworthy brand is extremely important. Due to the increase in demand for CBD, and no regulation on product standards, synthetic forms have emerged causing illness for many. Luckily, we do the hard work for you at Cornucopia and thoroughly research every product we sell to you. Plus CBD was one of the first CBD product lines we carried and we still love their transparency, reliability and high quality products.