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In our FAQ you can learn all about the CBD oil benefits. We give more information about the background of CBD and the cannabis or marijuana plant itself. We find it very important that people discover and understand the potential CBD oil has as a health supplement. CBD oil and products can be used by anyone, including your kids. We even have CBD products for your pets.

In the CBD Oil store, you can buy CBD oil in Amsterdam and we are more than happy to inform and educate you all about the health benefits CBD oil has to offer. We always have more than enough CBD oil for sale at our shop. If you want to buy larger quantities of CBD oil in bulk come to visit us in the CBD oil shop store in Amsterdam!

CBD Oil Amsterdam

The natural powers of the marijuana plant made it possible to create and distribute CBD oil products. All CBD Oils sold at CBD Oil Shop contain lab tested CBD oil and are rich in the wide spectrum of cannabinoids. The team of CBD oil shop has put together an FAQ where common questions about the use of CBD oil are answered. If you are still in need of advice regarding the appliances of CBD oil feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our support team is always more than happy to assist you or to give you more information about anything you want to know about our shop and it’s products.

We hope you will find our information useful and that you decide to buy your CBD oil at your trusted CBD oil shop!

CBD oil, cannabis oil and hemp oil? At CBD oil shop we only sell CBD oil and it is not to be mistaken for cannabis oil. All our CBD oils are mainly CBD Paste and Hempseed oil or Olive oil with trace amounts of THC. All the CBD oil and products sold by CBD oil shop are completely legal under EU Standards. We ship worldwide so you might want to check if CBD is legal in your country.

Express shipping 24-72 hours: € 89.00 throughout Europe up to 3kg – € 139/180 from 3 Kg up to 10 Kg

The CBD online shop Magic Weed Amsterdam provides the following payment methods: credit / debit card or by bank transfer.


Standard shipping 5-7 days: € 19.00 throughout Europe up to 3Kg – € 39/69 from 3kg up to 10Kg

For shipments over 10Kg an additional cost will be calculated on request.

The quality of our Dutch products with a high content of cbd and added cannabinoids is certified. All our products, including, light marijuana, sativa hemp, liquids for vaporizers, cbd oil, crumble, cannabis light, wax and different varieties of hashish, charas, afghan and pollen, before being placed on the market pass rigorous controls. Rigorous controls about the quality and safety of the produtcts in our laboratories in compliance with the current European legislation for industrial hemp. Our products can be used for technical, research, recreational and therapeutic use.