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mary’s nutritionals cbd oil

With Mary’s Rewards Program, you earn points whenever you purchase anything on the official website. $1 is worth a point, and you get 50 points when you leave your first review, 100 points on your birthday, and 50 points just for creating an account. You can redeem 500 points for $5. Please note that earned points expire after 365 days.

To be fair, I felt a slight reduction in my knee pain and was able to just about complete a game of soccer. However, the pain returned after a few hours, which means you have to apply the cream constantly. This isn’t an issue if you are on regular painkillers because you have to take the medication several times a day in any case.

First of all, the pen is extremely discreet and simple to use. Twist the end clockwise to unlock it, remove the cap, and press the end to get a 2mg dose. Make sure you apply it to clean skin in an area that contains veins rather than fat. I have a knee problem, so I added the cream behind the knee. There is a strong odor from the cream which may not be to everyone’s liking.

What About Mary’s Nutritionals’ Other Products?

This company is an offshoot of a well-known and respected brand, and Mary’s Nutritionals delivers high-quality CBD products . The oil allows for easy dosage and for me at least, it worked well to alleviate anxiety. The gel is a handy way to deal with pain on the go; simply add it to the affected area and wait a few minutes to feel relief.

I found it easy to take; simply add as many drops as you like beneath the tongue. Hold for at least 30 seconds and swallow. The fact that there is exactly 2mg of hemp extract per drop makes it incredibly easy to dose. When I clicked on the lab report, I found that there was 3.5% CBD against 0.03% THC, and trace amounts of several other cannabinoids.

This is a Transdermal Gel Pen and is marketed as an ideal way to get immediate relief from pain . Each pen contains a total of 100mg of gel, divided into 50 x 2mg doses for $50. There is a long list of ingredients, aside from the hemp extract, including PLO Gel, cool citrus basil, menthol, and isopropyl myristate.

Mary’s Nutritionals was formed by Mary’s Medicinals in March 2015. It is a natural supplement line enriched with hemp and other plant-based nutrients. Due to the name of the brand, you may be surprised that there is no one called Mary on the team. Lynn Hondred is the co-founder of both companies and now acts as the CEO. She is aided by Chief Operating Scientist, Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D., Chief Finance Officer, Robin Swinney, and the Director of Business Development, Trevor Gallup.

Sourcing their hemp from 100% organic industrial hemp partner farms located in their home state of Colorado, Mary’s Nutritionals provides nothing but the best. Their expert combinations of high-quality natural ingredients, combined with the cutting-edge expertise of their scientific development team allows for the very best wellness-inducing CBD treatment, guaranteed.

When it comes to crafting potent, powerful, and effective CBD solutions, no one else brings the expertise and vision found in each of Mary’s Nutritionals lines of products. Merging modern technology with established horticultural practices, Mary’s Nutritionals is able to offer you the full power of plants provided by Mother Earth. The result is a truly impressive collection of CBD wellness tools — and a diverse and effective line of CBD cosmetic topicals unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Their team, located in Denver, Colorado, works in collaboration with industry-leading scientists to craft innovative, effective, and potent CBD solutions. Mary’s Nutritionals always aims to provide the best that hemp treatment has to offer through their carefully-crafted line of CBD oil tinctures, CBD oil capsules, CBD-infused topicals, and CBD products for your beloved pets.

Additionally, all of their products found at CBD Choice are not just third-party lab tested (as is true of our entire inventory), but are tested twice! That’s right: Mary’s Nutritionals tests all raw hemp materials, CBD extracts, and finished products prior to packaging, sending the finished products into third-party laboratories to not only ensure the safety and purity of their products, but to ensure the efficacy of their in-house testing practices, providing you a worry-free CBD treatment from start to finish.