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lazarus naturals cbd oil

Frontline work is a labor of love we are proud to support!

This weekend only, Lazarus Naturals is donating 10% of all sales to local non-profit Next Level—a network of support that provides scholarships for future firefighters, nurses, elder care workers, and EMTs.

Chocolate Mint CBD Tincture Full Spectrum High Potency 120ml

We were founded on the belief that quality CBD should be effective and accessible to everyone. We keep our prices affordable by owning our process from beginning to end—from our hemp farms in Central Oregon, to extraction, formulation, and packaging.

Educational resources to help find the product that’s right for you.

To ensure access to CBD, we provide a 60% discount to veterans and individuals with disabilities, or low-income households, because everyone deserves to experience the power of CBD.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, we at believe in providing clear, concise descriptions of the brands we partner with so you can chart a path to the brand that works best for your lifestyle. Any order you place with us will be shipped out within two days, and if you place the order in the U.S., shipping is free. We aim to be the easiest-to-navigate purveyor of the world’s best CBD brands by focusing on top-notch customer service and partnering with brands like Lazarus Naturals.

Welcome to Lazarus Naturals at! We hope you find the following guide insightful. Whether you’re entirely new to the brand or wish to familiarize yourself further with some products you’ve already come to enjoy, this is perfect for you. This is a company that offers a wide range of CBD products, with integrated assistance programs for vulnerable communities, and an emphasis on natural practices. We’ll get into the details of the products they offer, how to go about deciding which is best for you, and what makes Lazarus Naturals CBD unique.

Who are Lazarus Naturals?

This company makes a lot of fantastic products, but their Portland Rose products are some of their finest. This scent is available in both balms and lotions. It embraces the smell of the fresh spring roses that Portland Oregon is famous for.

Lazarus makes a fantastic 1:1 CBD to CBG oil that is a force to be reckoned with. This product embraces the best of these two powerful compounds and allows the user to access a unique combination of cannabinoids. If you’re looking for something fresh to try, check out the 1:1 CBG and CBD oil!

We all love the way CBD affects us. It is a product that countless people utilize daily. Now you can share that joy with your favorite four-legged friend. This powerful tincture is one of the best-received dog treats we’ve ever come across. Not only do they exceed all standards implemented by the food and drug administration, but they are also highly effective and down-right delicious.

PORTLAND, Ore.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Lazarus Naturals knows that a healthy sleep cycle directly impacts its customers productivity levels and overall health. The company recently announced its Sleep Collection, introducing the addition of CBN—known to improve sleep and reduce pain. The high potency lineup delivers a blend of the company’s CBD, CBG, and CBN—in addition to effective, functional ingredients that support healthy sleeping habits.

“It has always been our goal to provide innovative products that are effective,” said Sequoia Price-Lazarus, CEO and founder of Lazarus Naturals. “We’re excited about adding the sleep properties found in CBN and helping people find effective, all-natural ways to improve their rest.”

Like all Lazarus Naturals offerings, the Sleep Collection products are third-party tested for potency, pesticides and heavy metals. All test results are available at

CBN is a powerful cannabinoid that is becoming increasingly popular. Like CBD, it is one of the primary cannabinoids in hemp—with a variety of beneficial properties proven to improve sleep, reduce pain, ease nausea, and possibly help fight infection or degenerative disease. CBN is formed when THC is oxidized from prolonged exposure to heat or light.

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