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Holland & Barrett were really the first high-street retailer to make a fuss about CBD and smashed the industry with a massive marketing campaign and price drop using Jacob Hooy as their flagship. It set the industry alight and put CBD into the mainstream. Honestly, we have a lot to thanks Jacob Hooy and Holland & Barrett for that. If it wasn’t for this time companies such as Provacan, Healthspan & Blessed CBD would not exist.

Holland & Barrett Review Summary

Our Jacob Hooy Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review – is it good?

The way in which huge companies like Holland & Barrett work is truly awful when it comes to a supplier. These companies must provide an extraordinary amount of product without payment upfront, then must provide x amount incase of wastage. Holland & Barrett’s CBD oil is almost always on a ‘penny sale’ which once again cuts the revenue in half. That is to start trading with a company like HB. As a supplier, you then must keep up with the massive demand and if you make even a slight slip you’re out. As a product that needs to be lab-tested a lot- it may be easier just to pump out as much as you can to meet the very high market demand. It is no excuse but it certainly goes to explain why the product is so inconsistent.

BBC’s Trust Me I am A Dr

We think that Jacob Hooy can produce a good product- it’s just a bit of Russian roulette.

I placed an order for the 5% oil, CBD capsules, hemp tea bags and the coconut oil. This review is focused purely on the 5% oil which is packaged in shades of pale green and follows the theme of many of the natural home remedies. While it isn’t a flashy product, it is probably one of the most readily available CBD oils in the UK. To many people this product is known as Holland & Barrett CBD oil.

There are clear directions on the bottle and suggestions on how much to take when you start. I would also like to see some information about recommended amounts in mg. Also some clarity on how many mg of CBD one drop delivers. I worked this out to be 2.5mg.

Who Are Jacob Hooy?

“Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the certificates of analysis as these contain proprietary information. The product is a full spectrum product and we do receive the certificates of analysis for the products from the supplier.”

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We contacted Holland and Barrett and asked what other cannabinoids are found in the Jacob Hooy oil. This was their response: