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is cbd oil legal in cyprus

But Cypriot patients also have to deal with the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption. Doctors are sceptical about the benefits of cannabis treatments and only a few of them believe that cannabis-based drugs would actually help their patients. As a result, only a few of them prescribe cannabis.

Being helpful to the police, giving a full confession, having an apologetic attitude and agreeing to join a governmental six-month drug rehabilitation program can convince the judge to set a reduced fine or sentence. On the other hand, not completing the six-month detox program after agreeing to it might attract higher sentences.

Cyprus is one of the small European countries that are preparing for the cannabis boom. Thanks to its great environmental conditions, the country could become one of the leading medical cannabis producers in Europe.

New Tech Aims to Curb Heavy Cannabis Water Demands

The 2019 law also enabled Cypriots to get their cannabis medication directly from the pharmacy, using a prescription issued by a specialist physician. Most of the people who seek cannabis treatments in Cyprus suffer from cancer, autism or resistant epilepsy. Those suffering from HIV and neurological conditions are also eligible to receive cannabis treatments.

Cyprus, a country known for its beautiful beaches, welcoming population and lovely weather, has adopted a harsh stance on cannabis consumption. But despite the fact that cannabis is considered a Class B substance, personal possession is only considered a misdemeanour.

Prior to the 2019 amendment, patients seeking medical cannabis treatments had to get permission from the health minister , which meant a lot of paperwork and long waiting times.

Offenders are then called to court where they appear in front of a judge. The judge will set a fine depending on the severity of the case, aggravating circumstances, amount of cannabis found in possession and other factors and will set a fine of €400 to €1,000 for first-offenders and more for repeat offenders.

As for the content of cannabidiol, known as CBD, in December 2016 the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus decided to categorize this as a medicinal product. Therefore, any application and / or question regarding the marketing in Cyprus of CBD products or products containing CBD as an ingredient or component of their composition must first be submitted for examination to the Pharmaceutical Services. The Environmental Health Services shall examine any such request/question only on condition that it has beforehand been examined by the Pharmaceutical Services and the Pharmaceutical Services have stated in writing that the product concerned is not considered to be a medicinal product. In general, this can only apply when no additional CBD has been added to the product, the product is not a concentrated form of CBD, and the product does not have a significant CBD content.

The European Commission has not prepared any legislation aimed at a uniform approach by all Member States to the content of THC and CBD in food products . Therefore, each Member State must decide for itself how to approach and regulate the matter, taking into account, inter alia, the social, legal and other principles applicable in that State.

Furthermore, foods made of industrial hemp or containing ingredients made of industrial hemp must comply with EU legislation on novel foods and in particular Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.

Food Safety Sector

It is notable that there is a misconception that Regulation (EU) No. 1307/2013 allows THC to be present in any hemp product at levels up to 0.2%. This provision, in Article 32 of the Regulation, states that: "Areas used for the production of hemp shall only be eligible hectares if the varieties used have a tetrahydrocannabinol content not exceeding 0,2%". The limit of 0.2% (= 2000 mg / kg) in this provision does not apply to foodstuffs .

Home Page / Food Safety Sector / Determination of maximum content limits for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) in foods

In Cyprus, in terms of THC content, food must comply with the acceptable maximum limits as given in the national Decree No. 189/2018, available here: .

The producer and supplier of the raw material must be reliable, comply with the laws governing the production of industrial hemp as well as with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Among other things, there must be provisions for proper selection of seeds, proper cleaning / rinsing of the seeds from any contamination prior to milling, etc.

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