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how to extract cbd with olive oil

While there are many ways to extract CBD from hemp, some methods are more effective and safer than others. Understanding the differences is crucial, as how you extract CBD can affect the purity and potency of the final product.

Alkaline solvent CBD extraction
Solvent extraction is a basic and risky practice, but it has many advocates. Essentially, it involves causing a liquid solvent to flow through decarboxylated cannabis to remove cannabinoids and terpenes. Commonly used solvents include butane, ethanol and hexane, so any residual solvent needs to be safely evaporated after extraction to ensure a usable CBD extract.

Disadvantages of solvent extraction
-Working with solvents can cause injury if not used correctly, they are highly flammable
-Oil can be contaminated with solvents, which are dangerous and still contaminated by end users
-Higher temperatures can make it necessary for some terpenes and other smaller compounds

What is the best method for extracting CBD from hemp?

Disadvantages of solvent-free extraction
-Low and impractical yields
-No control over purity, minimum level of CBD
-CBD extracts contain plant matter and unwanted cannabinoids

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The therapeutic benefits of CBD or cannabidiol have been extensively tested by various scientific studies indicating that this substance, present in the composition of Sativa Cannabis, has the following medicinal properties.

Since the life of oil is limited, we recommend using small amounts and most important, keeping it in a tightly closed glass container and in a cool place.

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