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how much is cannabis oil to buy

Each container holds 30 capsules.

For certain products, extra steps must be taken. For example, some products undergo ‘winterisation,’ which involves soaking the plant in alcohol and freezing it prior to the extraction – this ensures that no harmful plant waxes sneak into the final product. Or in the case of edibles, the CBD needs to be made into other products, which requires extra ingredients and labour. In other words, the more steps in the process, the more expensive the product might be; It’s up to you whether the price is worth it for a higher quality, safer product.

Hempura also offer edible chocolates, which also compare quite well to other companies. Edibles are usually a more expensive product to make, so you’ll be hard pressed to find cheap CBD edibles out there. Although Hempura’s white chocolates are a little cheaper than others, they don’t seem to look as appealing!

CBD E-liquids

The capsules come in a box containing 30 capsules.

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That being said, their vape liquids are more expensive than other brands, but this is really only because they sell higher potency e-liquids than their rivals. If you only want something weak like the 30mg option, it is quite cheap.

Now, you can find CBD stocking the shelves in health stores, apothecaries, and even online. There is a growing number of manufacturers selling CBD oils to the UK market, meeting an increasing demand by expanding their product lines.

The bottles will list the ratio, such as:

What is the reason for these differences? And, most importantly, what does CBD oil actually cost?

You pay per milligram of cannabinoids per bottle

Each CBD oil product and brand is priced differently, but we can easily break down the cost per mg with some basic math.

The average monthly cost of CBD oil is estimated to be between $150-400 in Australia. Every situation is different, but the prices for medicinal CBD oil products have never been more affordable.

A product with a higher concentration of mg cannabinoids per millilitre of oil will have more medication. A product must be labelled with the amount of mg of cannabis oil per mL to meet TGA standards.