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holland and barrett muscle relaxant

There are lots of CBD muscle balms on the market now, so we’ve narrowed it down a little and chosen 4 of the best, depending on what you are looking for.

Each pot contains 50mg of CBD sourced from 100% natural hemp CBD-rich hemp extract along with a blend of other soothing ingredients, like:

What can you do with CBD balm?

To make CBD oils and extracts, the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant are made into a paste and the CBD is extracted, hemp seeds are a secondary source.

CBD is an endocannabinoid naturally sourced from Cannabis Sativa (hemp plant), which are usually grown for nutritional purposes.

These balms usually also include other natural extracts and oils in them, to nourish and soothe aching muscles.

Ease the discomfort of painful joints with a little heat. Several studies have pointed to the benefits of capsaicin, an active component of chilli pepper, in helping conditions such as osteoarthritis. “Circulatory herbs such as cayenne pepper – called rubefacients because they cause redness and heat – aid the healing process by increasing blood flow to the area.

“Bromelain – an enzyme in pineapples – has been found to be extremely useful for treating period pain,” says Dr Marilyn Glenville, author of The Natural Health Bible for Women (Duncan Baird, £16.99). “It has anti-inflammatory and natural blood-thinning properties. It also acts as a smooth muscle relaxant and is thought to decrease ‘bad’ prostaglandins, which increase the womb contractions and so the pain, and promote ‘good’ prostaglandins, which help relax and widen blood vessels.” Hormonal fluctuations in a woman’s monthly cycle can cause tender breasts: studies have linked evening primrose oil supplements with a reduction in discomfort.

Try Nature’s Answer Cayenne Pepper extract (£9, Planet Organic)

Tension headaches

Swap traditional pills for altogether more natural pain relief. From herbal teas and tinctures to aromatherapy oils, these natural pain killers will ease common aches and ailments, from a bad back to a tension headache.

Try Healthspan Bromelain (£12.95, 
Boots Evening Primrose Oil (£7.99, Boots)

These affect around 40% of UK adults, and women are twice as likely to suffer as men, but the remedy could be in your own back garden. “Lavender contains phytochemicals 
that have a powerful analgesic effect, making 
it the perfect natural solution to alleviate 
tension headaches. It’s also renowned for 
its soothing effect on the emotions and is 
great for calming stress and anxiety, which 
can often be a precursor,” says Tracy Horn, aromatherapy expert at Absolute Aromas.

“It contains a compound called eugenol, 
which is added to many dental products and mouthwashes as it has natural antiseptic and antiviral 
properties. Avoid acidic and spicy foods while you have an ulcer, as they will act as an irritant, and 
remember to get it checked out by your dentist if one lasts longer than two to four weeks.”