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The range average for CBD dominant dried cannabis flower is about 13.7% THC% + CBD%, which is a bit lower than the range average observed for a THC dominant offering (17.8% THC%+CBD%).

Check out the top nine offerings with the highest CBD content in Canada.

With an average CBD content of 15.5%, Terra by HEXO is amongst the cultivars in the market with above average CBD content that make very little THC. The producer notes this offering is a variant of CBD Remedy, which is also known as the CBD Crew’s Z7, a cross of Cannatonic with an Afghan/Skunk cross sourced from Mr. Nice.

AC/DC by Kiwi

This offering’s most attractive feature is the relatively high CBD content (16%, on average) and low THC content (0.5%, on average). The producer reports this cultivar is capable of producing a 40:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

Dominant terpenes for the HEXO variety are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene which supposedly gives the product a sweet, earthy flavour profile. Previously, HEXO flower was only available in Quebec but as of July 2019, it is also available in Alberta.

Another offering from Newfoundland is Emerald Health Therapeutics’ listing for their Island Mist. Likely of proprietary genetics, the producer reports in a news release that Island Mist “came out of Emerald’s broad seed bank through extensive screening and characterization.”

Aphria has been running this cultivar for years. They sell it as Tremblant in their medical store and in the recreational market they call it Free (or Liberer) by Solei. The cultivar is actually Treasure Island by Sin City Seeds, a cross of Swiss Gold and the AC/DC phenotype of Cannatonic.

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid with numerous health benefits!

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