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hi life premium clear oil

Advantage® products give you the dependable performance you need to keep your kitchens running smoothly– through a range of products perfect for grills, sauté and sauce pans, baking and pizza pans, griddles and more.

Prevents food from sticking and makes for easy clean-up. The ideal alternative to butter, margarine or oil on any cooking surface (up to 350°F)

Specially formulated with canola oil and soybean oil for the exacting needs of the baking and restaurant industry

Advantage® Hi Heat Pan Coating

A premium blend of cottonseed oil and conventional canola oil that delivers delicate flavor

A precision blend of corn oil and conventional soybean oil that provides a subtly sweet flavor profile

Advantage® gives you four high-performing oils for creating dishes as unique and distinctive as you are. Each delivering excellent flavor and mouthfeel, impressive fry life and favorable nutritionals.

A premium blend of canola oil, high oleic canola oil and conventional soybean oil delivering consistent, neutral flavor attributes.

Optimizing your vehicle’s performance

Every oil change is performed by a highly trained technician. We only use high-performance synthetic oil and high-performance, INFINITI brand oil filters, as these components can help maximize your vehicle’s performance.

One of the easiest ways to help extend the life of your INFINITI is to protect its engine with regularly scheduled oil and filter changes. Engine oil reduces wear and tear by providing a lubricating barrier between each of the moving engine parts. Meanwhile, a high-performance oil filter can help extend the life of your oil and your vehicle by capturing contaminants and reducing engine-damaging oil sludge build-up.

extending the life of your vehicle