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hempland usa cbd oil

If you’re looking for a patriotic CBD vendor, take a glance at HempLand USA: they’re all about keeping things American. They promise homegrown health by sourcing and manufacturing their entire CBD line domestically. A peek at their product line, and we’re impressed — high-quality, CO2-extracted cannabidiol and a surprise proprietary ingredient we’ve never seen before. We love the homegrown shtick; in this case, it’s genuine and there’s nothing wrong with it. A couple more contaminants tests are all that’s stopping this excellent brand from a five-badge rating.

HempLand USA comes ridiculously close to receiving the Safety Badge. Each SKU has a cannabinoid profile and independent test results for pesticides and microbiologicals. Unfortunately, they’ll need to run contaminants tests for residual solvents and heavy metals (at least for their batches of cannabidiol) as well to be considered for the Safety Badge.

The HempLand USA CBD product line boasts focus and quality ingredients, something we’d much rather see versus brands that try to do it all whilst cutting corners. They call their proprietary full spectrum blend of cannabidiol and hemp seed oil Cannabitol®. HempLand USA’s Cannabitol® tinctures are offered in both full spectrum and THC-free varieties from $60 to $150.

The HempLand USA angle is ‘made in the USA.’ They go as far as to state that they believe “…made in America should be the quality standard by which all others are judged.” Indeed, their industrial hemp grows here, and they manufacture their CBD oil here as well in a state-of-the-art GMP facility. HempLand USA claims to have a team of expert growers and scientists, but that’s pretty much all we know about the people behind the brand.

The last product in the HempLand USA CBD catalog deserves an A+: full spectrum CBD oil tinctures with ECS5™, their proprietary blend of CO2 extracted plant oils. The company claims this blend of oils essentially supercharges CBD oil by powerfully effecting the endocannabinoid system (ECS) on its own.

Hemp Land USA is a fast-growing and popular CBD brand with their flagship CBD oil, Cannabitol.

Hemp Land USA was founded in 2014 and is located in Signal Hill, California. The company has a long list of CBD products available, including CBD oil, topicals, CBD capsules, CBD dog supplements, and more.

Cannabitol Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Details

Based on the information provided by Hemp Land USA, Cannabitol Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is made from hemp that is 100 percent grown and produced in the United States. All Cannabitol products are quality-guaranteed and contain no additives, starch, yeast, or gluten. One of the unique points of this product is it contains absolutely zero THC instead of the fractions of a percentage that many products have.

The bottle itself is made of brown glass, which doesn’t give a good view of the product from the outside but would protect it from sunlight. However, the liquid inside is a nice amber color and seems to be free of contaminants or bubbles. The dropper seems to be quality made; pulling in the liquid from the bottle and then dispersing it a drop at a time is rather easy.

All products mentioned in this Hemp Land USA review can be purchased via their online website. Cannabitol CBD Oil is available in three strength options with price points that coincide with the potency level of the CBD.