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entourage hemp cbd oil

Shake the bottle. Fill the dropper with Wholeflower Oil. Place the drops under the tongue for 1-2 minutes. Drops can be added to your favorite beverage.

The “Wholeflower Principle” refers to using the trichomes, seeds, and tissues found in the hemp flower to derive the maximum health benefits. Other tinctures are made using only the stems, stalks and roots of hemp. Entourage Hemp is a leader in Wholeflower Hemp products.

These high quality, lab tested tinctures contain 500-1000mg of CBD per vial, offering both a standard and Extra Strength dose. Entourage Hemp fully believes in creating quality CBD products.

Restore. Renew. ReWild.

Raw organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, natural hemp extact
*Natural hemp cannabinoids may include CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, CBNA, CBC, CBCA, CBDV, CBDVA, THCV, THCVA, and/or CBLA.

Note from the manufacturer: Entourage Hemp™ sublingual tinctures are manufactured according to the WholeFlower Principle. Whereas the stems, stalks, and roots of the plant possess some interesting properties, most of the components important for human health and wellness come from the trichomes, seeds, and tissues found in the hemp flower. Entourage Hemp™ believe that the closer the manufacturer comes to assembling the naturally symbiotic profile of the whole flower, the better and more effective the end product will be.

Entourage Hemp™ have produced Entourage Whole Flower Hemp Oil High CBD tincture that’s 3 times stronger than any other CBD tincture available today. Organic hempseed oil is blended and amended with proprietary cannabis terpenoids, delivering a fast-acting and potent serving of soothing CBD into your system.

Warning: If you are lactating, pregnant, or suffering from a serious illness, ask your physician before taking any supplement or changing your diet.

How to use Entourage WholeFlower Hemp Oil

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Creating a product like Entourage Whole Flower Hemp Oil requires a great deal of skill and care. Extracting the maximum amount of CBD from industrial hemp while keeping THC levels to the legal minimum takes years of experience. Cheap products from sketchy vendors are more likely to be impure and ineffective or to contain illegal levels of THC.

Each 4.16 ml (0.14 oz) vial of Entourage Whole Flower Hemp Oil contains 500 mg of CBD, making this particular tincture around 4 times more potent than industry-leading softgels.

This Entourage Hemp 1000 mg CBD tincture is ideal for those looking for a CBD product that packs a punch. Contained within the small vial, you’ll find 500 mg of CBD, delivering a total of 7 cannabinoids present in the proprietary 12% formula. These include CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, THCV, CBDV, and trace amounts of THC.