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entourage cbd oil review

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This is a good value entourage oil. I like that it is created from a blend of hemp grown in different areas of the world. Even though it is the worst tasting oil that I’ve tried to date, my granny may have been right because it did do me some good.

Ease of Use

T he majority of the lab reports for this product show more than 800mg of CBD is present in the oil, but there are a few that hold a little less. The total amount of THC works out at 2.38mg, which is slightly more than the UK legal limit of 1mg per container .

There is a bitterness to this oil that hits you straight in the back of the throat, despite it being sprayed under your tongue. The only way it can be removed is with an equally strong flavour. As I persevered, I did find it tolerable, but I always prepared a large glass of juice to help with the after taste.

The spray makes this so much more convenient. Wherever you are you can just pick up the bottle and spray as much as you require. Because you don’t open the bottle, the risk of spillage is less. A small amount does drip out after use. However, I didn’t feel that I was missing out on as much CBD as I do with dropper bottles.

Entourage Hemp has been a significant player in the CBD industry since the early days, and pioneered practices now deemed vital such as publishing CoA’s for laboratory testing with each freshly made batch. Their incredibly potent tinctures are six times stronger than anything else currently available, with 50mg of cannabinoids per .25mL serving. Considering Entourage Hemp’s dedication to providing the absolute best CBD products at an affordable price (and without exploiting children) we strongly recommend them as one of the best vendors.

Entourage Hemp, through their holding company Cannoid LLC, has active research and development platforms in cannabis therapeutics, food, fiber, and materials science. We additionally resonate deeply with many of their stated values, including respecting the cannabis plant, and not taking advantage of sick children in the name of marketing CBD. The cherry on top of it all is Entourage Hemp’s dedication to what they call the ‘WholeFlower’ principle. This practice comes with the belief that while the entire plant contains therapeutic substances, the components most essential to human health are most populous in the seeds, trichomes, and tissues. When looking for a top-notch CBD product that is guaranteed to deliver results, go for it and give Entourage Hemp a shot!

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Entourage Hemp funnels their focus into producing three exceptional and potent CBD products; tinctures, soft-gels, and e-liquids. Their CBD tincture serves those with chronic conditions, containing a purported six times higher concentration of cannabinoids than anything else on the market (each .25mL drop has 50mg of cannabinoids!). The soft-gels are for those interested in a genuinely full-spectrum product (they contain CBD, CBDV, THCV, CBDA, and more). Notably, they were the first vendor to offer a CBD-infused e-liquid flavored exclusively with botanicals terpenes. Other ways in which Entourage Hemp pioneered the way for the industry include:

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Good quality balm. I love the smell too. soothing and helping with my pain.Thicker than others i have used so better value.

Great company that I trust to give me a first-class product at a very competitive price.

I cant see any difference in any part of my health im still confused about what they are supposed to help with

Good quality balm

I suffer with a knee problem and not all prescribed medication hits the spot especially at night. I was recommended Love CBD by a friend and I have to say I have found it amazingly effective. I couldn't now live without it. Much reduced pain at night resulting in a good night's sleep.

Thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry that you have not had a good experience with your latest order.

I bought the 800mg Entourage oil thinking that it contained full spectrum CBD but when the oil arrived, I tried it and it was just like pure olive oil. I messaged Love CBD to double check that this is how the product should be. I recieved a reply stating that they have had to adapt there recipe and now it only contains Broad spectrum CBD.
There is absolutely no mention of this on the website. I find this very misleading and poor on their part. Broad spectrum is an inferior product and I had no benefit from the oil at all. What a waste of money!
I will not be buying anything else from Love CBD.

Outstanding service and products. As a customer you earn loyalty points to be used against future purchases. Any query is answered quickly and effectively.