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elevate cbd oil review

Bottom Line – Elevate CBD admittedly offers a few good options to freshen your breath with CBD, but they have a lot of work to do to gain trust from discerning CBD consumers.

Moving on, Elevate wants to usher in ‘A New State of Well-Being’ with their supposedly full spectrum line of CBD offerings. Our takeaway? Elevate may be the go-to CBD vendor for fresh breath! See what we mean with their CBD product catalog:

Instead, Elevate posts CoAs with strikingly limited information. We’ve seen these type of CoAs before, but they’re certainly not the norm. Each lists the percentage of CBD and THC (no other cannabinoids) and results for microbiological impurities. For one, we need to see more contaminants results — including residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals — to award the Safety Badge.

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If only we had a residual solvents test to look at to verify that no harmful solvents are present…

We think it’s cool that Elevate offers three CBD products that will leave you with fresh breath. But we are irked at a claim that they make. Specifically, the company states, “Elevate products only use natural ingredients.”

Elevate CBD firmly believes that everyone is entitled to wellness. We totally agree. In fact, that’s why we do what we do. But the brand falls a bit short when it comes to easing minds of more discerning CBD consumers. For example, they do not disclose their extraction method for their CBD oil. Their independent lab tests also leave something to be desired. Take a look to learn more.

This is simply not the case, as our details of the CBD catalog above demonstrate. We suggest they drop this claim (or the artificial stuff) and disclose their extraction method. Provided it’s safe, they can at least earn the Quality Badge.

Of course, the intoxicating properties of medical marijuana can be an issue if you need to use it all day long.

CBD Hemp Oils are an often misunderstood solution for pain relief.

What are the Drawbacks of CBD Hemp Oil?

Elevate Ultra Premium is a full spectrum extract which includes cannabinoids, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and natural terpenes.

This vegan hemp oil contains no GMOs or gluten.

This results in an enjoyable fruity taste which isn’t oily or plant-heavy.

Elevate CBD strips dissolve quickly in your

The back of the package just contains some basic info about CBD. The products are manufactured by Axcentria Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Looking at their services page it appears to be some type of co-packing plant.

Quick Dissolving, Quick Relief

Strength on these would keep me coming back for more. Very effective pain relief.

Elevate CBD strips are thin strips of edible film that contain CBD oil in them. They pack a potent punch of relief and are simple to use. Here we go a comparison of this to other CBDs in this Elevate CBD review.

The Elevate CBD strips are one of the stronger CBD products that I have tried, and I have tried a lot of them. I have also tried a lot of Elevate’s other products, including doing an Elevate CBD gum review, and the strips are by far their best product, and my gauge for best is usually what is