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different types of cannabis oil

This technique has grown decidedly less popular with time as BHO is flammable and prone to igniting when exposed to a spark during the manufacturing process.

RSO is meant to be taken orally. Some like to use it sublingually and feel that this method maximizes bioavailability, though there is little scientific evidence to support this claim. However many find the taste of RSO to be extremely bitter and may opt to consume it orally instead. Its effects are extremely strong because it is often concentrated to over 60% cannabinoids or higher.

RSO is made by stripping the cannabis plant of all of its compounds via a quick wash with isopropyl alcohol.

CBD oil

BHO oil can take on several different consistencies depending on the heat and humidity used. These include (among others):

Hemp oil is often confused with CBD oil, mostly due to inconsistencies in the definition of hemp. The amount of THC allowed in hemp from a regulatory perspective is generally between 0.2 and 1% THC, depending on what country you are in. The EU has the limit set lowest at 0.2% THC, the US has a max of 0.3%, and some countries like Switzerland permit hemp to contain up to 1% THC.

Lipid-based extractions infuse fats, usually carrier oils, with cannabis until cannabinoids are absorbed. Lipid extractions are the classic example of making cannabutter at home. While less precise and efficient than other extraction processes, they tend to preserve many of the plant’s cannabinoids and are relatively easy to do, making this an ideal extraction method for patients.

Be wary of brands that claim to sell CBD products that list “hemp seed oil” as the sole ingredient. This is a misleading practice used to trick consumers into believing they’re purchasing CBD oil, a much more expensive product.

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Cannabis/marijuana and hemp are the same plant. Despite this fact, we are used to speak of cannabis when we talk about the THC plant (the main responsible cannabinoid for the euphoric effects of the plant), and call hemp to those varieties grown for fiber and with very low THC content (not inducing any psychoactive effect). Most hemp plants have large proportions of Cannabidiol CBD, a cannabinoid famous for its various therapeutic properties.

Rick Simpson’s marijuana oil (RSO)

How to make BHO

Organic hemp seed oil also contains two types of very rare and unusual fatty acids in human food: 3.2% gamma linolenic acid (GLA, Omega 6), with anti-inflammatory properties, and approximately 1% stearidonic acid (SDA, Omega 3), one of the main components of brain and retina cells.

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Hi James, thanks for your question. Cannabis oil can definitely help you out, tinctures or edible oils are a great and healthy way to consume, much more effective than smoking and a lot easier to calculate a regular dose. If you have anxiety issues then I would strongly recommend finding an oil with a high percentage of CBD (A ratio of at least 1:1 of CBD to THC) because it counteracts any possible anxiety caused by THC. Pure CBD will definitely help, but it’s better to have at least a small percentage of THC in the mix as well, it will greatly potentiate the CBD but also to offer a full spectrum medicine with what we know as an “entourage effect” or a synergy between the various active ingredients: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. I hope that helps, if you have any more question feel free to ask. All the best!

Being one of the most renowned extracts thanks to the eponymous character, Rick Simpson oil is a cannabinoid extraction made with a solvent different from Butane. The original recipe first used naphtha and then isopropyl alcohol, although today using always food grade alcohol like pure ethanol is always recommended, which is much less toxic.

Most BHO samples have a very high level of cannabinoids, easily reaching THC concentrations between 70 and 90%. In most countries, users must make the BHO extraction with cannabis plants grown at home to get this concentrate.