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diamond cbd oil reviews

There are also Chill Plus Gummies which are marketed as ‘extra strength.’ Once again, there is no set CBD dose per gummy. In the 200mg pack, for instance, there are 7 servings of 2 pieces, which means each one has around 14mg of CBD. To be fair, it is next to impossible to outline a precise CBD amount, so it is better to give an approximate estimate.

In any case, it is always up to each individual to decide if any CBD company is trustworthy. While there have been a few less than positive reviews, it does seem as if a lot of Diamond CBD’s negative activity happened a couple of years ago. Since then, it has expanded and now includes detailed third-party lab reports.

During this updated review, it became clear that the company had gone from strength to strength in the intervening period. Let’s see what Diamond CBD looks like today!

Relax Full-Spectrum Oil

It does seem as if Diamond CBD has become more reputable, and as more users give them the benefit of the doubt, it may be fine for you to do so as well. While the CBD isn’t the cheapest around, it has worked for tens of thousands of users to date, and there are ample products to choose from.

As the brand sells goods from other companies, it has a huge amount to offer. For example, you can get Biotech CBD Cream: 500mg for $79.99 or 1,000mg for $149.99. There is a special range of products featuring Lawrence Taylor, the Hall of Fame NFL Star; including his Pain Master CBD Cream which also comes in at $149.99 for 1000mg.

One thing becomes clear when you browse Diamond CBD’s website: It has an enormous array of products. You could spend a significant amount of time trying to see everything. The CBD oil section is so vast that it requires three product pages!

One of our criticisms at the time was difficulty in finding third-party lab reports. To be fair to Diamond CBD, they quickly rectified the situation at the time. Today, you can scroll to the bottom of the page on its website and click on the ‘CBD Lab Reports’ tab. There are five full pages covering hundreds of products!

Once you’ve got the Diamond CBD coupon, you’ll be excited to use it as you’ll have an opportunity to save some money. It’s incredibly easy to use a discount code and reduce the total sum of your order. You only have to press an appropriate button and the Diamond CBD coupon code will be copied automatically. Go to the Diamond CBD website to choose hemp-derived products. If you’ve found the necessary CBD product, you can add it to a shopping cart and press the “Checkout” button.

Diamond CBD doesn’t have veteran and military discounts. A user can apply a Diamond CBD coupon to unlock a discount.

Is Diamond CBD legit? Brand’s presence on the market is tied to the mission of researching and developing eco-friendly and health-wise hemp products. It’s so safe, Diamond CBD infused gummy bears have become a top-selling product on the website, as you can guess from buyer testimonials. Highest quality and price affordability are attributes that flatten other players in CBD segment.

Less than 0.3% of THC

A Diamond CBD coupon can be used once by a specified date. However, there can be exceptions, so it’s necessary to read the conditions coming with a coupon.

You’ll see the contents of your shopping cart and the box for entering Diamond CBD coupons. If you aren’t going to buy anything else, you can insert the copied code and press the “Apply coupon” button. The total price of your order will be recalculated, and you’ll see how much you’ll need to pay. An exclusive Diamond CBD coupon will help you save your budget and enjoy the benefits of CBD at a lower price.

While many brands limit their assortment to hemp-derived oil and topicals, Diamond CBD offers the diversity of items. You’ll find gummies, vape additives, capsules, honey sticks, shots, bath bombs, and many more. The brand also has a variety of oils with different flavors, including watermelon, strawberry, peppermint, banana, lemonade, and pineapple. If you prefer natural items, Diamond CBD offers unflavored oils as well.

The company brings a new level of CBD game to the table, all the things you could imagine with safe cannabinoids are already in their webstore. Store offers cool Diamond CBD gummies in the shape of bears, fruits, veggies, and random geometry.

The range of oils encompasses Diamond CBD, Relax, Blue CBD, Lawrence Taylor, and more brands. The Diamond CBD tinctures contain a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as containing full-spectrum CBD and Delta-8-THC. The base ingredients ensure that you can use them as oral drops or in vaping. The strengths range from 25mg to 3500mg.
Cost: $19.99 – $419.99

Diamond CBD prides itself on high-quality ingredients. In its own-brand CBD tinctures, it uses full-spectrum hemp extract from plants grown in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. The brand also uses propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin as the tincture base. This is an odd choice, and it’s perhaps not the way everyone wants to consume a tincture – the ingredients aren’t as natural as some other brands.

The brand often hosts sales and uses discount codes, so the sales section is definitely one to check out.

Negative Thoughts

If drinks are more your thing, Diamond CBD has a couple of products on offer. The site sells the Chill CBD coffee pods, which are a popular choice. Similarly, tea drinkers can use the Meds Biotech matcha mix. Diamond CBD also offers its own 350mg double shot, consisting of vegetable oil; it’s really more of a tincture than a drink.
Cost: $7.99 – $200

The ‘raw’ CBD section consists of distillates. There are two products: Chill Plus Delta-8 Distillate Oil, and DureCanna Isolate Powder. The isolate comes in a whopping 10g tub, offering a very pure cannabinoid consumption method. The distillate oil, meanwhile, comes in an easy-to-use syringe for dropping into the mouth. It’s insanely concentrated, with 750mg in 1ml.
Cost: $86.99 – $243

One of the great things about Diamond CBD is its commitment to lab testing. The brand has an organic, non-GMO process (discussed in more detail below), but the quality is assured through lab testing.

There is lots to love about Diamond CBD. It’s a brand that offers quite a lot in terms of products, as well as focusing on quality.