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Bottom Line – Detla CBD presents itself as a safe, reliable source of quality CBD oil products, and, from what we can tell, the company lives up to that impressive promise. Products are sourced from quality hemp and safely-extracted CBD oil, and third-party lab tests bear out the lack of dangerous contaminants in the final product. A bit more innovation or a charitable effort would boost the number of badges, but for those who don’t need all the flash or good tidings, Delta offers a solid option for cannabidiol wares.

The company doesn’t offer too much by way of its personal history in the ‘About Us’ section, but goes out of its way to assure potential customers that its specialized CBD E-liquid is precision-made, batch by batch, by a group of well-trained technicians. Each batch of CBD E-liquid, too, is traceable for consistency and quality thanks to the company’s lab-approved manufacturing processes.

Aside from its e-liquid, the company also produces cannabidiol-infused cooking oil, CBD gummies, and a large range of CBD oil tinctures, including formulas for both people and pets. Lab numbers on each page checked out by us, as well as additional ingredient lists, which were free of toxic chemicals and additives as well as questionable artificial food colorings and flavors. (We will note, however, that the company’s CBD gummies are not vegan or vegetarian-friendly).

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CBD oil products are offered in a range of four strengths, helpfully designated by label colors throughout both the company’s tincture and e-liquid lines, and a further, useful explanation on the nuances of cannabidiol strength is available on each product page.

Maryland-based Delta CBD leads with its scientific foot.

Each product page is fitted with an up-to-date third-party lab report noting the lack of heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. The numbers also live up to Delta’s claims that its products contain full-spectrum CBD oil but are THC-free.

Prices range from $28 for a bottle of CBD gummies to $180 for the company’s largest, most potent bottle of cannabidiol e-liquid.

The oral tinctures come in three variations, depending on the concentration and the user. There is the 300mg concentration for humans ($49.99), the 1000mg concentration for humans ($139.99), and the 1000mg concentration for dogs ($164.99).

The oral tincture comes in a liquid form and a dropper lid on the bottle, which makes it easy for consumers to measure out what they need. The recommended dosing is to fill one dropper, which is exactly 1ml. To subdue to the flavor, the company uses coconut oil, though the user will still get the effect of the concentration selected.

Delta Botanicals primarily sells e-vaping juices, which each have different concentrations of the treatment. The company also offers remedies that can be used in cooking, baking, and daily supplemental use.

CBD E-Liquid

Read on below to learn about some of the different remedies that consumers can choose from.

Every CBD company has diverse ways to deliver their extracts to consumers, and Delta Botanicals is one of those brands. They have established their facility in Maryland, creating e-liquids, which they are calling a “breakthrough.”

The CBD e-liquid is designed to easily be use in any vaping device that allows the customer to fill up their own cartridge. It can be added to an existing vaping liquid to get the benefit of CBD, or it can be the main ingredient. The lowest concentration available is the Blue Label formula at $29.99, and the price increases with the higher concentration.

The baking/cooking oil allows consumers to infuse any of their recipes with the support and nourishment that CBD offers. The ingredient is a combination of both hemp oil and coconut oil to provide a texture that is like the oils that consumers are familiar with. In each tablespoon, consumers get 15mg of cooking oil, so the user has the ability to decide how much CBD is in their recipe. Based on the research available, consuming CBD has proven to be helpful to overall health, hearth health, weight loss, digestion, and the immune system.

Delta Botanicals CBD also offers a range of Full Spectrum CBD Oral Tinctures in stronger potency options. The first of these is the Platinum formula, with 3,000mg total CBD per 30ml dropper bottle.

This is especially good for Delta Botanicals CBD, as otherwise we wouldn’t be able to share any user reviews with you!

What Products Does Delta Botanicals CBD Sell?

So what CBD products does Delta Botanicals CBD sell? Here’s a quick look at the product categories:

This is because, surprisingly, and especially considering the company has been in business since 2012, we weren’t able to find any other customer feedback (whether a designated review or even just a comment online).

Not wanting to completely sedate Meggie with the “Xanax for dogs” her vet prescribed, Celeste turned to this product instead.