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Here, DeLoach discusses seed germination misconceptions, auto-flowering genetics and more. Don't know where to buy cannabis seeds? Check out the best seed banks online for guaranteed delivery and germination of your marijuana seeds. (+ 50% OFF deals) Crop King Seeds offers has over 500 new marijuana seeds to choose from. Shop from the best seed bank in the USA. Pay with Crypto and Cash.

4 Questions with Crop King Seeds’ Landra DeLoach: Pointers for Starting From Seed

Here, DeLoach discusses seed germination misconceptions, auto-flowering genetics and more.

When it comes to seed, the options are innumerable. Crop King Seeds’ Wholesale Manager Landra DeLoach shares insights into the different seed types cannabis cultivators can buy, sheds light on some common misconceptions, and explains how growers can verify seed history and quality.

1. What types of cannabis seeds can growers purchase?

We offer a wide variety of genetic options in the form of autoflowering seeds (which are the easiest to grow since they thrive in any environment), feminized seeds, (which you don’t have to worry about germinating pollen-producing male plants) and regular seeds, which can produce male and female plants. We also have hemp seeds (for CBD production) and genetics with both CBD and high THC content.

2. What are some special considerations growers should keep in mind when working with auto-flowering seeds or feminized seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds are our favorite to recommend to novice growers. Are you unaware of how much time it takes to grow a plant to maturity, or if you will actually keep your plant alive? Try an Auto! They are great starters for those who want to water their plant and let nature take its course. Feminized seed strains are like growing any other female plants and require no special treatment.

3. What are some common misconceptions about germination?

The most common misconception about germination would be the customer covering the plate with an item or a second plate, also not having enough airflow where the seeds are placed for the germination. Remember: You are wanting to recreate the months of April/May—meaning a cold and dark (moist) environment with good airflow.

Another misconception with seed germination is that color design, or seed density make a difference on how the plant will grow. None of these have an impact on the plant’s potential for germination, growth, flowering, or yield, nor on the development of the aroma, flavor and effect.

4. How can growers verify their newly purchased seeds are of the correct variety?

You can’t tell exactly what strain the seed is until you grow it. That said, the Crop King team is working with another company called Seed Tracker Tech (STT) to implement QR codes on seed packaging that the grower can scan for growing tips and tricks and create a community. The QR code also has extra information about the contents of the seed package, including germination time and rates, cultivar development time and harvest dates, certificates of analysis and breeder information.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online − Best Where to Find Cannabis Seeds for Sale (USA Shipping)

If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds online, things have never been better.

In fact, there are 100+ seed banks that offer quality cannabis seeds for sale.

Well, we do… because we had to go through all of them to select the absolute best seed banks.

So, after spending weeks looking at each company’s seed quality, germination rate, customer support, guarantees, customer reviews, reputation, ease of use, and about 20+ other factors…

Here’s our list of the best cannabis seed banks that sell high-quality seeds at reasonable prices. And yes − we did include companies with affordable prices and great discounts for people on a budget.

Let’s get started.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online – First Look

    – Best cannabis seed bank overall (free shipping) – 80% germination guarantee – 3,000 seeds to choose from – Great genetics and fast 7-day shipping – High (28-30%) THC weed seeds – Affordable seeds at 30-40% discounts – Buy seeds straight from the source – Limited Edition seeds – Beginner-friendly customer support – Excellent quality control

1. ILGM: All-round Best Seed Bank to Buy Weed Seeds


  • Established since 2012
  • Cannabis strains with 1000s of reviews
  • Germination guarantee
  • Crypto accepted


  • Package tracking costs $25

Seeds Offered: Feminized seeds | Autoflowering marijuana seeds | Fast-flowering seeds | High THC seeds

ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) tops our list of the best seed banks for a simple reason: fantastic marijuana seeds with 1000s of reviews and the best community for growing cannabis online.

The strains at this seed bank are top of the heap, the ILGM team guarantees germination, and stealth shipment is part of every order.

The company has been in the business for over 10 years, and it shows. The community is highly engaging, passionate, and always willing to help newbies learn the ropes of growing marijuana.

Popular Strains:

Keeping the user experience premium every step of the way, ILGM offers an exclusive VIP program, free shipping to the US, and 24/7 customer service.

Speaking about customer service − if you’re unfortunate enough to get a dud, ILGM will ship you free seeds as compensation.

Oh, and did we mention they have frequent Buy 10 Get 10 Free deals on their most popular strains?

2. Crop King Seeds: Best Germination Guarantee on Cannabis Seeds for Sale


  • 500+ high-quality cannabis seeds
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Legit customer reviews
  • Stealth shipping worldwide
  • Established seed bank since 2005


  • Shipping is only free over $200

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering seeds | Feminized seeds | High-CBD seeds

Crop King Seeds beats most cannabis seed banks online by offering an 80% germination guarantee on all cannabis strains in the catalog.

Like ILGM, the seed bank has been in business for over a decade and offers a wide range of seeds, especially if you’re into auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Popular Strains:

  • Black Indica
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Candy Cane
  • Blue Cookies

The platform is easy to use, and one of the highlights is how the mods put extra hours into sifting through the reviews to weed out (no pun intended!) fake comments or overly biased seed reviews.

This way, you have access to legit reviews on many strains and seeds for sale on the platform. It’s details like these that set the best seed banks from average ones.

While shipping is only free on orders over $200, Crop King Seeds offers stealth packaging and fast delivery to the US and Canada.

3. Seedsman: Impressive Variety of Marijuana Seeds for Sale


  • 20+ years of operation
  • 3,000+ cannabis strains
  • Great rewards program
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Shipping is a bit slow

Seeds Offered: Signature Seedsman seeds | Regular pot seeds | Feminized seeds | Autoflowering weed seeds | Fast strains

Seedsman is one of the most reputable seed banks for buying cannabis seeds online, after 20 years in the business.

You’ll find 3,000+ top-tier strains here, like Purple Ghost and the mightly Skywalker OG.

Popular Strains:

  • Purple Ghost
  • Blue Dream
  • Skywalker OG
  • Strawberry Cheesecake

The site offers free seeds for bulk purchases and a wide variety of autoflowering strains – extra helpful if you’re a beginner.

Also included in the mix are the bank’s own seeds, and while shipping could be faster, the rewards program is top-notch – don’t miss it.

Oh, and as a nice bonus, they give out free seeds on every order, plus a 10% discount on €200+ orders.

4. Rocket Seeds: Buy Cannabis Seeds Online with Top Genetics


  • Top-tier genetics
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast 7-day shipping in North America
  • Detailed guides for growing marijuana
  • Fast-growing cannabis seeds


  • Still somewhat new in the business

Seeds Offered: Exclusive strains | Regular pot seeds | Feminized seeds | Autoflowering seeds | High-CBD cannabis seeds

If you want the best genetics, check out Rocket Seeds.

The company was launched in 2018 and carved its niche by crafting its own high-quality seeds and going the extra mile to educate users on growing cannabis and producing the best plants they can.

Popular Strains:

  • White Widow
  • Bubba Kush
  • Grandaddy Purple
  • Acapulco Gold

Yes, Rocket Seeds is still somewhat of a new player on the block, but they know it. That might be why they included top-notch 24/7 customer service. The agents are polite, professional, and well-versed in all seeds for sale on the site.

In a hurry? The seed bank also offers Fast Version seeds that flower in 7-9 weeks.

Finally, as the name suggests, Rocket Seeds offers fast 5-7 day shipping in North America and a very reasonable 14 days to international destinations.

5. Herbies Seeds: Best High-THC Weed Seeds for Sale Online


  • 70% germination guarantee
  • Over 2,000 seeds for sale
  • Free seeds + goodies
  • 10 years in business
  • High (28-30%) THC seeds


  • Customer support could be better

Seeds Offered: Feminized seeds | Autoflowering cannabis seeds | High-CDB seeds

Herbies Seeds catalog is loaded with high-THC seeds for experienced stoners.

For example, the bank’s very own Grandmommy Purple contains 30% THC (newbies beware) while Runtz Muffin and Gorilla Glue #4 both pack 28% THC content.

Popular Strains:

  • Runtz Muffin
  • Grandmommy Purple
  • Bruce Banner #3
  • Purple Lemonade

The site’s guarantee for germination is 70%, which is a tad below what Crop King Seeds offers but still impressive, particularly considering their lower prices.

When it comes to selection, Herbies doesn’t disappoint with over 2,000 strains to choose from.

And while customer service could improve, Herbies gives free seeds for every €20 spent, plus free goodies (including a stash holder) depending on how much you spend.

6. Seed City: Money Saving Prices on Pot Seeds


  • Handy filters to find the best seeds for sale
  • 200+ breeders on the platform
  • Price match guarantee
  • Affordable prices


Seeds Offered: Autoflowering | Feminized | Regular

Yes, I know − Seed City looks dated.

But if you look beneath the surface, this site is exceptionally fast and offers one of the best prices as well as a huge selection of 5,000+ high-quality cannabis seeds from 200+ breeders.

And fortunately, they have very precise search filters to help you narrow down your options.

Pro tip: don’t miss the price match guarantee feature to get the best deal on those top-quality cannabis seeds.

Popular Strains:

  • Mimosa Cake
  • Bruce Banner
  • Purple Punch
  • Gorilla Glue

Besides the already low prices, the seed bank also gives frequent 30-40% promotions on hundreds of popular strains. They are always up to something, so make sure to check the promotions section before buying any marijuana plants.

Finally, the site is available in multiple languages and the team is active on social media if you have a question.

7. Mary Jane’s Garden: Buy Weed Seeds Straight from the Source


  • Grows its own marijuana seeds
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 400+ popular strains
  • Guides on growing marijuana


  • Lackluster promotions

Seeds Offered: Indoor | Outdoor | Feminized | Autoflowering | Medical Marijuana

Unlike some other seed banks, Mary Jane’s Garden grows its own seeds. The company cuts out the middleman and allows you to buy seeds straight from the source.

And while the website looks a bit dated like Seed city, you can see that it is run with love and passion. It includes a high-quality resources section for growing marijuana, loaded with helpful info for beginners.

Popular Strains:

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Afghani Regular
  • Agent Orange
  • Amnesia Haze

Apart from blogs and instructional articles, the seed bank gives detailed information about each strain and also offers free shipping if you cross the $200 threshold

Speaking about shipping − the company ships worldwide and uses discreet yet sturdy packaging.

By the way, we recommend checking out their Agent Orange strain if you want something special.

8. Quebec Cannabis Seeds: Rare Cannabis Seeds for Sale


  • Rare seeds
  • Swift shipments
  • 80% germination guarantee


  • Only ships to Canada and the USA

Seeds Offered: Autos | Feminized | Regular | High-CBD | Fast seeds

As the name suggests, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is another popular seed bank run by our friendly neighbors to the North.

Truth be told − Canada has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to legal cannabis, and this site reflects it.

They offer rare seeds, swift shipments, and a few 10-15% discounts on some strains. The company guarantees an 80% germination rate, placing it on the same level as the mighty Crop King Seeds.

Popular Strains:

  • Quebec Gold
  • Gorilla Glue
  • AK-47
  • Blueberry

While you can go with classics like AK-47 and Gorilla Glue… we highly recommend checking out the Quebec Gold strain at least once in your life.

In fact, if ordinary seeds can’t sate your appetite anymore, head over to the Limited Edition department for the heap of the crop of marijuana strains. You’ll find some exceptional strains here, like Pink Berry Feminized, Gold Sativa, and Animal Gelato.

That said, QCS only ships to Canada and the US. So, if you’re located elsewhere you’ll have to go for another seed bank.

9. Beaver Seeds: Best Customer Support for Beginners


  • Exceptional customer service
  • Coupon code for new users
  • Fast global delivery
  • Crypto accepted


  • Free shipping only for $200+ orders

Seeds Offered: Feminized | Auto | CBD | Regular seeds

Beaver Seeds is one of the sites we warmly recommend to beginner growers because they keep things simple and offer one of the best customer service departments around.

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The site accepts cryptocurrency and worldwide shipping, hiding your seeds in T-shirts, toys, or other objects.

Popular Strains:

  • Strawberry Diesel
  • Sour Grape
  • Great White Shark
  • Chocolate Chunk

Like most seed banks on our list, Beaver Seeds offers free shipping on orders over $200, which isn’t amazing but still good to have. That said, they do offer some coupon codes to get free seeds − and you can even contact the site and choose the extra seeds you want to receive.

Apart from the good customer service, we also like the site’s FAQ library. The platform is easy to use and instills trust in users with quality design.

10. Sunwest Genetics: Handpicked Pot Seeds for Sale


  • 500+ strains
  • Customer service around the clock
  • Excellent quality control
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • Lacking discounts

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering | Feminized seeds | High-CBD | Regular

Sunwest Genetics is another high-quality seed bank that we recommend to more demanding growers. The site hosts a selection of over 500 strains.

What makes the site stand out is exceptional quality control and guaranteed delivery.

Popular Strains:

  • Northern Lights
  • Cheese
  • Bubblegum
  • Purple Kush

No strains are left behind at Sunwest. Every single plant in the catalog counts, so when you buy seeds here, you know you’re getting quality.

While discounts can be lackluster, if any issues occur, you can reach out to customer service 24/7. Some of the popular strains in the catalog include Northern Lights and Purple Kush.

How and Where can I Buy Cannabis Seeds − Beginner’s Guide

Indica vs. Sativa Seeds

Indica and Sativa are the two main types of cannabis plants. Each type has its own unique set of characteristics that make it different from the other. Indica plants tend to be shorter and bushier, while Sativa plants are taller and have a more slender appearance.

The effects of Indica and Sativa marijuana also differ. Indica strains are known for their relaxing and soothing effects, while Sativa strains tend to be more uplifting and energizing.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

As you know, cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoor growing allows for more control over the environment, which can result in a higher quality crop.

However, it requires more setup and is typically more expensive than growing cannabis outdoors. Outdoor growing takes advantage of natural sunlight and typically results in a lower quality crop.

Recreational (High THC) vs. Medical (High CBD) Strains

Different strains of cannabis can have different effects. Recreational strains tend to be high in THC, while medical cannabis seeds are often high in CBD.

THC is the compound that causes the “high” associated with cannabis use, while CBD is thought to have various medicinal properties. High THC seeds are typically grown for recreational use, while high CBD plants are usually grown as medical marijuana.

Yield vs. Ease of Growth

Cannabis plants can be grown indoors or outdoors, and the yield (the amount of usable cannabis produced by a plant) and ease of growth vary widely between different strains.

As expected, the strains that are most difficult to grow generally give higher yields, but they could also very easily die on you or produce mediocre-quality hash if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That said − there are some beginner-friendly strains that can still give very high yields, so you might want to check those out if you’re a heavy smoker.

How We Chose the Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Brand Reputation

The first thing we looked for in a seed bank was a good reputation. We do background checks and check what other growers have to say about the company to find out which banks have a good reputation for selling high-quality seeds. We also looked at each company’s website to get a feel for their professionalism and customer service.

Germination Rate and Guarantee

Germination rate is the percentage of seeds that actually grow into healthy plants. Receiving a germination guarantee for a high rate is important because it gives you a better chance of getting your money’s worth. All of the online seed banks on our list have a high germination rate, and most offer germination guarantees in case you have any problems.

Stealth Shipping

We make sure to recommend online seed banks that offer stealth shipping to keep your purchase private. This is important because many countries have unclear laws regarding buying cannabis seeds online. Stealth shipping ensures that your package will arrive safely and that no one will know what’s inside.

Payment Methods

We only recommend seed banks that offer a variety of payment methods. This includes credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. We also like to see companies that offer multiple shipping options so that you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Along those lines, we give extra points to seed banks that offer special promos and loyalty programs for regular buyers.

Seed Quality

Last and certainly not least, we only recommend seed banks that sell high-quality marijuana seeds. This means that the seeds are fresh, viable, and properly stored. It also means that the company offers a wide variety of cannabis strains so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the USA − FAQ

What Is the Best Seed Bank to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

The best seed bank to buy cannabis seeds online is ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana), in our opinion. As one of the most reputable seed banks, ILGM offers high-quality cannabis seeds backed by a germination guarantee as well as free shipping to the US and frequent deals.

By the way, we highly recommend their Afghan auto-flowering seeds, one of the best weed seeds you can find right now.

Other high-quality online cannabis seed banks include Crop King Seeds and Seedsman, both offering top-notch feminized and autoflower seeds.

Why Buy From a Reputable Seed Bank?

There are several reasons why buying from a reputable seed bank is a good idea. Firstly, the best seed banks typically have a wide variety of strains available, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Secondly, online cannabis seed banks sell high-quality seeds that are guaranteed to be fresh and viable. Finally, most seed banks offer discreet shipping and packaging, so your purchase will be kept private.

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Yes, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in many countries around the world. However, it is important to check your local laws before purchasing seeds, as the legal status of marijuana varies from country to country.

In some countries, such as the Netherlands, it is legal to buy and possess marijuana seeds, but it is not legal to grow them. In other countries, such as the United States, buying marijuana seeds is legal for certain purposes, such as research, but growing them is illegal in many states. So always check the laws to stay on the safe side.

Do Weed Seeds Go Bad?

No, weed seeds do not go bad. They can be stored for a long time and will remain viable as long as they are kept in a cool, dark place. Our top tip when it comes to storing seeds is to put them in an airtight container and place them in the fridge.

What Is the Best Marijuana Seed for Sale?

We are big fans of classic cannabis seeds like Northern Lights and White Widow, but the best marijuana seed is the one that meets your needs. If you are looking for a particular strain or type of seed, then you should browse a reputable seed bank or dispensary.

If you are simply looking for the best price, then you can check out online retailers or cannabis seed banks that offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Which Cannabis Strain Should I Grow?

The best cannabis strain to grow depends on your preferences. If you want a high-yielding plant, then you should look for a strain that is known to produce a large number of buds like White Widow.

If you are looking for a plant that is easy to grow, then you should choose a strain that is known to be forgiving and easy to care for, like Gorilla Cookies.

How Much Do Marijuana Seeds Cost?

Marijuana seeds cost anywhere from $5 to $50 for a single high-quality seed. However, if you purchase in bulk, you can get them for as little as $2 per seed.

Keep in mind that the cost of marijuana seeds is not an indicator of quality. There are many factors that contribute to the price, so be sure to do your research before buying marijuana seeds online.

It’s always a good idea to determine how many seeds you need and check for deals, including free seeds that some marijuana seed banks offer (like ILGM’s BOGO deals).

Should I Buy Feminized or Auto-Flowering Seeds?

You should buy feminized seeds if you’re a beginner grower. These are seeds that have been bred to produce only female plants.

Auto-flowering seeds are a good option for growers who want to get multiple harvests in a single season. These seeds will begin to flower on their own, regardless of the light cycle.

Also, regular weed seeds can be a good option for experienced growers who want to create their own strains. With regular seeds, you’ll get both male and female seeds and plants.
Other options include fast growers, high-CBD strains, and more.

So, Where Can I Buy Weed Seeds Online?

And that’s a wrap!

We hope this guide was helpful and that you found the best seed bank to start your own marijuana plant production.

As you now know, ILGM is our #1 recommendation for buying cannabis seeds. This online seed bank delivers the goods on all fronts, starting from high-quality marijuana seeds, to germination guarantee, to free US shipping, to frequent BOGO deals.

That said, Crop King Seeds is also a pretty good choice if you need more variety, as the reputable Canadian company stocks more than 500 of them.

Anyway, now that you know all this, you’re finally ready to start growing marijuana plants.

But as our last piece of advice before we leave you − it’s a good idea to read as much as you can on the topic while you’re waiting for your seeds to arrive.

The truth is we all make mistakes the first time around. So, take care of your little babies by being 100% prepared.

You’ll thank us later.

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Disclaimer: This article does not encourage growing cannabis plants where it is not legal to do so.

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Which Seed Type Best Suits You?

Choosing the correct seeds is critical for growing excellent cannabis. There are three different types of seeds: feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and regular seeds. Feminized seeds create female-only plants; they’re excellent for efficiency, simplicity, and growing a big batch. When using feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about male seeds, which can be problematic for cultivators. Autoflowering seeds are excellent for fast growth, discreet growing, and a higher CBD percentage. However, autoflowering seeds often contain small batches of flowers. Regular weed seeds are superb for harvesters; they yield a 50/50 ratio of producing male and female plants. However, you don’t have control over the sex of the plant when you use regular seeds.

When you decide to cultivate your own cannabis plants, you might find yourself checking for options. You might have heard autoflowering.

Feminized cannabis seeds are those that are bred without male chromosomes. This makes sure that all plants grown.

While there are different categories of marijuana seeds that you can choose from, regular seeds come with their own unique advantages.

With the popularity of the cannabidiol substance these days, there is no wonder why CBD seeds and strains have become more.

Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Shop By Strain Name
Most Popular Strains

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Shop By Strain Name
Most Popular Strains
  • Black Indica
  • Blue Cookies
  • Bubba Kush
  • Cali OG Kush Haze
  • Crown Royale

Shop Cannabis Seeds

Crop King Seeds, has been in the industry since 2005. In the last 17 years, we’ve grown from a one-employee business working out of a single apartment to a leading seed bank with over 700 strains on the market. We have one goal: to sell the best marijuana seeds in North America.

Since we started the company, we’ve perfected the genetics of the weed plant for medical and commercial growers who want the maximum THC levels in their pot. We have everything from new-age hybrids, CBD, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and regular seeds. Visit our about us page for information on our range.

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Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Trainwreck Auto Marijuana Seeds

Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Revolver Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

NYC Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Lambs Breath Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Buy Feminized and Auto-flower Marijuana Seeds Online in USA

How To Grow Marijuana Plants

We understand growing plants may appear challenging for first-time growers. You have to consider various aspects. Here are some of the most common questions you may have:

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

When you first decide to grow, you have one major thing to learn: What are pot seeds? Regardless of your goal, you’ll need to understand seeds and how they determine your growing process.

Cultivators grow flower from one of two sources: a seed or a clone.

There are three primary seed types: feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, or regular seeds. The plants can be either male or female. For reproduction, male seeds contain pollen sacs that pollinate females; this causes female flowers to produce seeds.

When weed seeds have matured, the female plant will die before the seeds fall to the ground and grow into new plants. However, to obtain the buds found in recreational or medical cannabis, cultivators grow female plants without male plants. As a result, female plants can focus on producing buds and not seeds.

Some seeds produce male parts alongside female flowers on the same plants, particularly if exposed to environmental stressors, such as lack of sunlight. These plants are hermaphrodites, and they can sometimes self-pollinate to create seeds.

What Are Clones?

Cloning marijuana is popular among growers looking to produce an identical plant to the mother plant. The primary goal of weed clones is to promote rapid growth while maintaining the mother plant’s genetics. You’ll likely use this method when you have desirable traits you’d like to produce, including a favorable yield or cannabinoid profile you want to reproduce.

What Are The Benefits of Seeds?

There are many benefits of growing from seeds. Here are some of the primary benefits:

  • More support for the plants – When you start a cannabis plant with seeds, they have a taproot. Many experts believe this gives the plants more extensive support.
  • No pests and diseases – There’s a far smaller chance of diseases when you grow from seeds instead of a mother plant that’s possibly infected with diseases.
  • More variety – Seeds are becoming very popular for growers. As a result, more seeds and dispensaries carry vast quantities of seeds.
  • They last a long time – When you store seeds properly, they can last a long time. You can either lose or use clones, whereas you can store seeds for a long time and still germinate.

Where To Buy Seeds

When you’re purchasing seeds, you must buy from an excellent seed bank. It will make or break your growing process. In 2020, we saw an explosion in the number of people wanting to grow their own flower at home.

Growing at home has various benefits: convenience, affordability, control of the quality, and you won’t run out of cannabis at home. In addition, growing your own—although it can seem daunting—is highly rewarding. And with time, practice, and more knowledge, you’ll master the process.

Here’s what to look for from a seed bank:

A Seed Bank With Experience

The best place to start is with a seed bank that has been around. Beyond the current trends and brands, a seed bank that has been around for a long time is the best seed bank to buy from. You always want to buy seeds from someone who has had the time to explore the market and truly understands what growers are looking for.

A Seed Bank With an Excellent Strain Selection

The first thing to consider when choosing a seed bank is their strain selection. Some seed banks have limited strain selections, yet others have excellent strain selections.

So, if you have a particular strain you’d like to choose—or you’d like to sample various seeds—choosing an online seed bank with a vast selection of reputable and high-quality strains is essential.

A Seed Bank With Superb Customer Service

A good seed bank will always have excellent customer service. They understand that first-time growers are apprehensive about growing their first strains. So, they’re ready to answer any questions you may have.

Things can go wrong when ordering seeds, and it can ruin your entire cannabis growing process. Still, that’s why a reputable seed bank with tremendous customer service is essential for you.

A Seed Bank With Excellent Ratings

When you’re looking for the perfect seed bank, you should always take the time to check out their online reviews; this will help you understand the seed bank’s quality and reliability. Different seed banks differ in their delivery policies, customer service, and seed quality.

However, if you can see honest reviews on Google from people just like you, you’ll know you’re buying from a seed bank you can trust.

A Seed Bank With Fast Shipping

There’s nothing worse than buying your favorite marijuana seeds from a seed bank, and they take forever to arrive at your front door. When you buy marijuana seeds, you need to know they’ll arrive fast.

The best way to avoid this annoying scenario is to buy from a seed bank with excellent delivery reviews.

The Best Cannabis Seed Bank USA

Since it became legalized in many parts of the world, you can find endless seed banks. You must determine which seed bank delivers the best quality seeds. After all, is there anything worse than buying seeds—albeit expensive seeds—that fail to produce high-quality weed?

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find this from the average seed bank in North America.

At Crop King Seeds, after 17 years of experience, we offer our customers the very best marijuana seeds. When you buy marijuana seeds from us, you’ll get the following:

A Huge Variety of Seeds

At Crop King Seeds, we started with one employee and grew into one of the world’s biggest seed banks. Today, we have over 700 different strains for you. We have feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, CBD seeds, and regular seeds. If you’re uncertain about which seeds are right for you, feel free to contact us, and our experts will guide you in the right direction. Check out our variety of new marijuana strains here.

Advice From a Seed Bank With Vast Knowledge

Many online seed banks claim they’re experts of cannabis, yet they don’t have the reputation—or the experience—to back it up. At Crop King Seeds, we have 17 years of insight into the best seeds for leisure and medicinal use. We are a genuine, trusted, and authentic company that’s become one of the world’s biggest seed banks by delivering results through our vast experience.

A Seed Bank With Incredible Service

At Crop King Seeds, we’re not interested in just selling excellent marijuana seeds. We also want to deliver the best customer service to everyone. With our 24/7 service, our customers always enjoy the service they deserve. Our goal was to find the highest-yielding marijuana seeds from all over the globe, but we understand the customers need help to find suitable seeds.

A Seed Bank With Prompt and Reliable Delivery

Many seed banks fail to offer their customers a reliable delivery service. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for days, if not weeks, to receive your seeds. However, at Crop King Seeds, we ship your order discreetly with complete service. In addition, we offer free shipping for all orders over $200. So why not buy your seeds in bulk?

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Weed hasn’t been legal in large swatches of North America for a very long time. As a result, many customers are unsure, if not concerned, about the legality of buying seeds online. At Crop King Seeds, we understand the importance of staying on the right side of the law. That’s why we will break down the legality of buying marijuana seeds for you.

Firstly, you should only purchase plants, plant seeds, and consume it if you reside in a city, state, or country that permits it. Moreover, you should only consume it if you’re over the legal age within your city, state, or country; this varies dramatically depending on where you reside. In some nations, 18 is the legal age of consumption, whereas it’s 21 in other nations.

Let’s look at some popular locations:

The United States

Laws vary in the United States, depending on the individual state. Some states allow you to buy cannabis online, whereas others don’t allow you to purchase marijuana seeds online. Even in states where it is legal, the laws can vary drastically. Therefore, conduct your own prior research before purchasing.

The United Kingdom

If you live in the United Kingdom, you’re legally entitled to buy seeds online. However, with that said, the act of germinating seeds is illegal. You also can’t purchase seeds “with the intent” of growing and germinating these seeds.

The European Union

If you’re living in the European Union, the rules surrounding buying seeds online vary depending on your country of residence. There is no blanket law on marijuana throughout the European Union. Subsequently, you must conduct prior research before buying seeds online.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Whether you’re growing for personal use or income, you must give your plants the best start in life. You have two main options: start with seeds or clones. If you choose the seed route, you should know the best ways to germinate your seeds.

Although experienced growers argue about the best ways of germinating seeds, we have a straightforward and trusted method to germinate seeds.

First, put your seeds into a glass of spring water. After that, soak the seeds in room temperature water for 14-18 hours. You mustn’t soak your seeds beyond this time because that will drown your seeds. Most importantly, use bottled spring water only.

Fold a thick paper towel and position it on a plate. Place two pieces of paper towels on top of each other on a dinner plate.

Pour your cannabis seeds and water onto the paper towel. Then, fold the paper towel over the seeds to cover the seeds. Ensure you pour off any excess water. Remember, your marijuana seeds must be able to feel the heat, moisture, and air at the same time; otherwise, you’ll ruin your marijuana seeds.

Place your marijuana seeds in a room with dark lighting and a warm temperature. Let your marijuana seeds sit until they crack open. You must guarantee the paper towel remains damp by adding water occasionally. Do not drown your marijuana seeds in water.

However, don’t place your marijuana seeds in a cupboard, drawer, or any other enclosed environment, because the marijuana seeds will struggle to open.

By the time you reach Step 5, marijuana seeds will start to crack open, and a taproot will develop. Before transplanting, allow the taproot to grow ½ inch to ¾ inches. Typically, each marijuana seed strain will take two to seven days to crack open.

Growing Weed Indoors vs Outdoors

With record numbers of people choosing to grow their own cannabis at home, it’s essential to know whether to grow your cannabis indoors or outdoors.

Pros of Growing Weed Indoors

You have a controlled environment

All plants require specific weather conditions to produce a better yield. Marijuana is the same. Marijuana plants need low humidity, warm temperatures at night, and sunlight to grow better. However, you have to wait for the perfect climate conditions to grow your marijuana plants outdoors. With indoor cultivation, you can create the perfect conditions now.

Better THC Levels

Beginner marijuana cultivators may feel surprised when they realize indoor marijuana plants have higher THC than outdoor plants. That’s due to the dense nugs and higher trichome count among marijuana plants.

Better lighting

Finding perfect lighting is challenging in outdoor environments, and sunlight plays a critical role in the growth of cannabis. Indoor environments can offer artificial lighting, whereby you can increase the duration that your plants receive light.

Faster seed-to-harvest time

A huge benefit of growing indoors is the faster seed-to-harvest time. The harvest time for indoor marijuana plants is three months, whereas the harvest time for outdoor marijuana plants is nine months.

Indoor cannabis looks better

The aesthetic of your grow—along with the potency—is crucial to growing excellent plants. Indoor grow often looks exceptional and, most importantly, possesses powerful and unique flavors.

Cons of Growing Weed Indoors

Unfortunately, the costs of growing indoors can be massive, depending on the size of your site. You’ll likely need a lot of capital for artificial lighting and heating.

There are no predators to keep mites away

Mites are your biggest enemy when you’re growing. Yet, when you’re growing cannabis outdoors, ants, ladybugs, and wasps will keep mites away. Sadly, you’re prone to mites when you’re growing indoors.

It’s hard to eliminate contaminants and toxins

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If contaminants and toxins grow in one of your rooms, it’s often challenging to eliminate them. Devastatingly, this could result in destroying your entire batch, leading to lost time, money, and tons of stress.

Pros of Growing Weed Outdoors

Reduced costs

Growing weed indoors can be costly because of lighting and heating costs; this isn’t the case when you grow weed outdoors. Growing cannabis seeds outdoors doesn’t require a large indoor growing space, lighting, and heating. As a result, you can save heaps of money.

You can grow larger plants outdoors

Growing outdoors often results in larger plants—which means larger yields. When you grow outdoors, you give the grow all the room to expand. Also, outdoor plants—in the right climate—receive plenty of sunlight. Direct sunlight can offer 1000 watts per square meter; this often outperforms indoor-grown cannabis.

It’s the most straightforward method

Growing outdoors is the easiest method. The outdoor environment will provide much of the nutrients and moisture required to grow excellent weed. However, you may need to provide extra feed now and again.

Cons of Growing Weed Outdoors

Your grow is open to the elements

You must know your climate before you grow outdoors. What are the sunlight hours and the temperature? Of course, a storm, heavy rain, and strong winds could destroy your grow. Although you can prevent this by growing in pots and bringing them indoors during bad weather, this negates the bonus of having room for your plants to expand.

Outdoor growth isn’t practical if you’re in the city

Many people who want to start growing cannabis live in New York City, Toronto, and London. Sadly, growing outdoors isn’t a reality for most people living in big, or even medium-sized cities, unless they have a large outdoor space.

You need to plan your site adequately

It’s not as simple as just growing outside; you need to plan. If your pot isn’t close to a water source, you’ll have to manually transport the water to the site during dry periods. In addition, if it isn’t covered and well planned, you run the risk of getting into legal trouble, as your grow is not allowed to be exposed to the public.

What Are Regular, Feminized, and Autoflowering Seeds?

Regular Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds contain both male and female seeds. Typically, the female to male ratio is 50:50. However, there are often more female seeds than male seeds, so a 65:35 ratio isn’t unusual. Either way, when you use regular seeds to grow cannabis, you’ll have to grow more plants to compensate for the male plants you’ll remove from the harvest.

Regular marijuana seeds are free from human tampering. Therefore, every time you germinate them, you’re taking a gamble. There’s a strong chance they’ll grow into pollen-producing male plants. However, regular seeds are essential when it comes to breeding.

The Benefits of Using Regular Seeds

  • They’re good for cloning – Regular cannabis plants create healthy and strong clones capable of growing quickly. Cloning allows growers to create a precise genetic copy of a plant within a short period. Regular weed plants are better than feminized plants for cloning because they’re more stable, have more powerful genetics, and are less likely to become hermaphrodites.
  • They’re excellent for breeding – Without regular seeds, breeding doesn’t exist. Whether you’re looking for a rich flavor profile, specific colors, or extreme potency, you need regular seeds to bring your vision to life.

Feminized Seeds

Female plants produce consumable flowers. That’s why female plants are so crucial for cultivators. Feminized seeds ensure cultivators grow female plants. Regular seeds, however, have a 50:50 chance of growing male plants.

Male plants also produce pollen sacks instead of flowers, so having male plants around can ruin your entire harvest because the female flowers will be full of seeds. In turn, this lowers the quality and value of the female plants.

Who Uses Feminized Cannabis Strains

Various users prefer feminized strains; however, recreational users often prefer feminized strains. That’s because feminized strains produce a relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting high compared to other strains.

People who use for holistic purposes prefer feminized strains. They often find the added THC helps ease their stresses during tense situations. Many users also report the added THC helps them achieve a good night’s sleep.

The Benefits of Feminized Seeds

  • No male plants – The absence of male plants when using feminized seeds is a huge bonus for most cultivators. Because male plants often ruin a harvest, cultivators have to spot male plants early in the harvest to avoid spoiling their grow. Using feminized seeds can eliminate this problem.
  • You have a vast choice – Having a vast is important for most cultivators. Thankfully, there is an incredible number of feminized seeds on the market. Many old seed banks don’t focus on regular seeds because of a lack of demand.
  • You don’t need to change storage conditions – When you’re growing cannabis, you want to ensure you don’t have to change storage conditions. Feminized seeds use the same storage as regular seeds.

Autoflowering Seeds

What Are Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds create plants on their own within two to four weeks of growth. Therefore, growers don’t need to worry about switching the light schedule to maintain the flowering phase. In contrast, growers must switch the light schedule when growing feminized photoperiod cannabis.

Autoflowers require far less time to grow. Some varieties harvest within eight weeks after sprouting. Furthermore, autoflowering seeds are compact—making them excellent for indoor growing, especially for those living in big cities without growing space.

Who Uses Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Growers love autoflowering strains because they’re simple to grow, and they produce a fast harvest with good yields. In addition, their compact size makes them the best plant for growing in small spaces, such as apartments.

Recreational users also love autoflowering cannabis strains because they offer a relaxing, uplifting, and fun high. There are many autoflowering seed options, so you can find the best autoflower strains to suit your taste. However, some autoflower strains are lower in THC than others; this makes them perfect for those who prefer a milder effect when smoking cannabis.

The Benefits of Using Autoflowering Seeds

  • Faster life cycle – The primary benefit of autoflowering seeds is their ability to grow faster. You can grow most autoflowering strains in seven to ten weeks.
  • They’re excellent for discreet growth – The height of autoflowering strains often ranges from between 60 to 100 centimeters. So they’re perfect for discreet growing.
  • Higher CBD percentage – Autoflowering strains often have higher CBD percentages compared to other photoperiod strains. The higher CBD levels are perfect for anyone looking for medicinal benefits.

Best Strains for Beginners

Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds are tremendous for all beginners. Cannabis fanatics from across the globe adore the fragrance and taste of Blue Dream. The Blue Dream strain has the muscle relief of an Indica strain with the buzz of a Sativa strain.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a mixture of blueberry and haze. If you’re looking for strong levels of THC, you’ll love Blue Dream because it includes up to 21% THC. However, Blue Dream only has between 0.1-0.2% CBD; therefore, it has relatively low levels of CBD.

Blue Dream is perfect for beginners because it grows well indoors. If you don’t have the space to grow outdoors and you’re looking to decrease start-up costs, Blue Dream is a perfect strain. However, you can also grow Blue Dream outdoors if you live in a subtropical or Mediterranean climate.

If you’re growing Blue Dream weed seeds outdoors, they’ll grow tall in a short timeframe. Plants can effortlessly hit the four to six feet mark without much effort, which can be problematic if you’re growing indoors. Either way, Blue Dream is an excellent easy-to-grow strain if you protect it from extreme weather conditions.

Jack Herer seeds—often known as Premium Jack, The Jack, or Platinum Jack—are wonderful for beginner growers. It’s a Sativa dominant marijuana strain that’s gained popularity in recent years. Cannabis fans love the strain for its vivid, uplifting, and euphoric high that’s perfect for experienced smokers.

Jack Herer strains often reach a THC content of between 18-24%. Therefore, their excellent THC content is great for anyone looking for strong effects. However, Jack Herer’s CBD levels are very low, so it’s not the best strain if you want medicinal benefits.

With that said, Jack Herer’s seeds are perfect for beginners because you can grow them indoors and outdoors. The average flowering term is only seven to ten weeks, so it’s perfect if you want rapid growth. Jack Herer also offers a robust resistance to diseases, such as pests, bugs, molds, and mildew. That makes the strain low-maintenance, which is perfect when you’re a beginner. If you’re growing Jack Herer outdoors, outdoor crops yield around 18 ounces per plant.

Many cultivators consider Jack Herer as the dream crop to cultivate because so many factors are in the favor of the cultivator. That’s why it’s become so popular in recreational shops, medicinal shops, and professional growing facilities worldwide.

Mango Kush is a popular Indica dominant strain ideal for beginner cultivators. If you love Mango fruit, you’ll adore Mango Kush. It tastes like mango fruit mixed with hints of pine when you exhale. Growers love Mango Kush because it’s superb for helping address anxiety, depression, pain, and chronic stress. It’s also a highly popular choice among medicinal cannabis users.

Mango Kush strains reach THC levels of around 18%. As a result, smokers often experience an uplifting and euphoric buzz. It’s the ideal strain for evening usage because it offers complete relaxation after a hard day’s work. In addition, Mango Kush often contains 0.3% CBD, making it excellent for anyone looking for medicinal benefits.

Mango Kush weed seeds are also superb if you’re a novice cultivator because Mango Kush is naturally highly resistant to diseases, unlike many other strains which require more maintenance. If you live in a warm, sunny, and dry climate, you have the perfect outdoor conditions for growing Mango Kush. The optimal temperature is between 70-80 Fahrenheit.

Mango Kush is extremely steady and doesn’t require support during the growing process. Although you’ll have to trim Mango Kush plants during the growing stage, novice cultivators can still grow them with ease. Flowering often begins within eight to nine weeks, so Mango Kush is perfect if you’re looking for quick growth.

If you adore your marijuana with a savory taste, you’ll love the Blue Cheese strain. Blue Cheese is an Indica-dominant strain that lights your senses with its delicious creamy taste and cheese aroma. First developed in Europe, the Blue Cheese strain is a cross of blueberry mixed with UK cheese. The Blue Cheese strain is excellent for anxiety, pain, depression, chronic stress, and insomnia.

If you’re looking for powerful potency, you’ll love Blue Cheese because it has THC levels of up to 20%. Therefore, you’ll feel a slow rise of relaxation before complete euphoria throughout the body. Blue Cheese strains have low CBD levels, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for medicinal benefits.

However, the Blue Cheese strain is ideal for all beginner cultivators. You can grow Blue Cheese weed seeds in an indoor or an outdoor environment. Regardless of where you grow the strain, the flowering time is fast, with an average indoor flowering time of eight to nine weeks. So it’s an excellent strain if you want to grow indoors and still have rapid growth.

Another huge benefit of growing Blue Cheese, if you’re a beginner, is its mold resistance. Unlike other strains from the same family, Blue Cheese prefers to grow in cooler climates. Therefore, it’s the ideal strain for anyone with a cooler outdoor climate. However, if you grow Blue Cheese outside, make sure it always remains at low temperatures with a gentle breeze.

Blackberry is a popular hybrid dominant marijuana strain that cultivators make by crossing Raspberry Cough with Black Domina. Cannabis fans love Blackberry because it produces a buzzy, relaxing feeling that’s ideal at night time. If you love fruity smells, you’ll adore this strain because it smells like fruit. The strain is fantastic for relieving spasms and muscle cramps.

The Blackberry strain has an impressive average THC level of between 20 and 26%. Therefore, it’s a strong bud, yet the hybrid balance levels it out for inexperienced smokers. Blackberry often includes around 0.1% CBD; this makes it a popular CBD option for anyone looking for medicinal cannabis benefits.

You can expect a 30 to 78-inch plant with a pretty high yield within 75 days. Therefore, the Blackberry Strain is great for anyone looking for fast growth. Blackberry weed seeds are also fantastic for beginner growers because they are ready for harvest within seven to eight weeks if you grow them outdoors.

Although growing Blackberry pot seeds indoors is the best option, you can still grow them outdoors with an impressive yield of 28 hours or more per plant. Blackberry is also resistant to mold, but you should watch out for fungus and spider mites.

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