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critical cure cbd oil

CBD Critical Cure by Barney’s Farm is a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis seed derived from the cross between a Critical Kush and a selected CBD Crew female. It is a high-quality medical cannabis strain that soothes many peoples’ physical and mental ailments.

CBD Critical Cure is a medium-sized/big cannabis plant that performs well indoor provided its size is monitored. Outdoors, it responds best to Mediterranean/temperate/continental climates or to the comfortable environment of a greenhouse.

CBD Critical Cure has been created to meet the needs of the many patients whose condition doesn’t improve sufficiently with legal traditional medicine. It is a beautiful, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow marijuana plant that grows vigorously and yields large compact resinous buds. Offering quality bumper crops with little effort, this strain is suitable for growers of all levels.

CBD Critical Cure has a deep fruity flavour and aroma, with notes of lemon, pine, exotic fruits and wood. The long-lasting effect is powerful and soothing but yet not too crushing, typically Indica. It is the perfect cannabis strain for unwinding and for people suffering from anorexia, insomnia, muscular pain and depression.

Barneys Farm / CBD Crew Collaboration.A crossing of the legendary Indica Critical Kush crossed with Shanti Baba’s CBD enhanced strain. This is a fast flowering strain that produces huge heavy buds, but will need to be supported in the final weeks of flowering. The flowers are full of resin with exceptional high CBD levels. CBD Critical Cure has an intense and earthy flavour, with an added hint of sweetness. The CBD and THC work together beautifully to increase one another’s therapeutic benefits.

Type: Feminised
Photoperiod: Normal
Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
Genetics: Critical Kush x Shanti Baba’s CBD Enhanced Strain
Indoor Yield (g): 600 gr/m²
Flowering Time (days): 55 – 60
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: September
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 3rd-4th week
CBD %: 8.0%
CBD/THC Ratio: 16 : 11
THC %: 5.5%
Height (cm): 90/100cm
Height Indoor (cm): 100cm
Indica %: 80%
Sativa %: 20%
Medical: Yes
Taste: Intense and earthy flavour, with an added hint of sweetness

CBD Critical Cure is, as its name suggests, a high-CBD medicinal strain. This specimen was created via the crossbreeding of Critical Kush and Shanti Baba’s CBD-Enhanced Strain. CBD Critical Cure is indica-dominant, featuring 80% indica genetics and 20% sativa.

This strain is a great option for those seeking medicinal relief when it comes to anxiety, inflammation, and pain, among other conditions. Buds can simply be smoked, or made into concentrates for more potent effects. As well as being medicinal, the strain offers consumers a delightful flavor profile, consisting of earthy and sweet notes.

Indoor plants offer impressive yields of up to 600g/m² and reach heights of 100cm. Outdoor plants will be ready to harvest during September.