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clear cbd oil

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Pink cannabinoid infusions often indicate a highly pure, natural extraction process. These oils contain polyphenol oxidase, a compound found in a variety of plants, including hemp. As light and oxygen are gradually introduced to this oxidase, its colour changes and the pure carrier oil picks up a pink hint. Beyond this colour shift, the total value of these hemp infusions remains unaltered.

Various chemical components that make up hemp flowers have been discovered in the last century. The compounds and plant nutrients found in the outer plant material have also been thoroughly assayed. What we’ve found is a massive slew of plant compounds, with the spotlight being cast on cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC) flavonoids (cannflavine A, cannflavine B, vitexin), and terpenoids (linalool, myrcene, pinene).

Pink CBD Tinctures

As would naturally follow with consistency, the transparent quality of our broad-spectrum tinctures occurs across every batch. There are natural carrier oils used on the market that have an earthier, darker quality to them. This earthy coloration does not ensure that the product’s contents are pure or natural

So, what colour is CBD oil? Are you asking yourself, “Why Is My CBD oil Clear?” It varies. CBD oil colour can range from pink, to deep brown. There are even completely clear CBD oils out there that provide wonderful attributes.

Regardless of your CBD’s perceived flavor or colour, a majority of Broad Spectrum and CBD isolate components will not degrade unless exposed to extreme conditions. It is best to store them out of direct light. They are known to last between one to two years.