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church of ubuntu cbd oil

We believe the solitary individual is a contradiction in terms and therefore we seek to work for the common good because our humanity comes into its own in belonging. The I exists only in relationship to others. The earth is, therefore I am. My ancestors and teachers are, therefore I am. We believe that to manipulate creation with any greed or selfish intent Is a violation of Sacred Lore. Creation is Sacred, “The Earth Is Therefore I Am”

“Growth happens through obstacles and only with resistance. A tree must push up against the dirt, the solid resistance of the ground, in order to grow. Muscles grow when we apply a counterforce of resistance against them, but first they tear apart and break down, only to become stronger in the rebuilding. A butterfly struggles against the cocoon that surrounds it, and it is this very struggling that makes it resilient enough to survive when it breaks free.”

We are a Church and wellness community that focuses on total health and diet, using natural plant based alternative healing methods. We use the strong terpenes found in the doTERRA oils we stock, as well as the many variety of herbs we supply in our shop. We are constantly and continually working to empower and educate on how to assist the body’s natural ability to heal illness and dis-ease. Get started by completing our online wellness intake form.

Ubuntu is a non-dualistic all embracing multi-faith philosophy and way of life.

Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu summarised Ubuntu referencing the ancient Vedic story of the butterfly:

The Supreme Court issued a suppression order on July 18 that prohibits Mr Burton from publishing the name and any image of the child or the child’s parents, names and images of medical practitioners providing services to the child, or any proceedings in the NSW Children’s Court.

In relation to removing the posts, Mr Burton told Sydney Criminal Lawyers® that he “only refused to comply until” he “was shown formal judicial orders from a court of law,”

The charges brought against

Well-known medicinal cannabis practitioner Dr Andrew Katelaris was also subject to the terms of the suppression order. The doctor is currently being detained at Cessnock prison after being arrested last year, over a quantity of cannabis that was allegedly found in his St Ives home.

Mr Burton visited the doctor in gaol last Sunday, reporting he is “in reasonably good health and spirits” and that he is very pleased with the direction their mutual criminal suppression charge challenge is taking.

Dr Andrew Katelaris is defending five charges laid against him in relation to two videos that were posted on Mr Burton’s timeline, featuring the doctor speaking about the removed boy.