CBD Vape Oil

Ran out of oil for your CBD &/or hemp vape pen? Just refill it with our Straight Hemp full-spectrum CBD vape oil refill cartridge. Learn more here. Explore our full catalog of delicious CBD Vape Cartridges, Vape Tanks, and delta 8 THC Carts. Shop a wide range of CBD vape juice here at Serenity Store from leading brands. Free shipping on eligible orders.

Straight Hemp CBD Vape Oil

The joy of calm. Vaping delivers the most rapid CBD effect. Straight Hemp removes the hazards of vaping to deliver an experience of relief like no other.

We do not use traditional thinning agents: we use only full spectrum hemp extract in our hemp vape cartridges (i.e. 100% pure).

Straight Hemp has developed a proprietary blend of native hemp terpenes that thin the thicker CBD-rich distillate to create our rich, flavorful hemp vape oil.

With your health and well-being in mind, we use ceramic coil technology in our cartridges, thereby eliminating the hazard of metal coil delivery methods.

Our CBD oil is naturally flavored with native hemp terpenes for a plant-forward, herbal, and floral CBD vape experience.

  • No fillers or excipients. Does not contain Polyethylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin/Glycerol, or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s)
  • Superior CO2 extraction methods protect the essence of our hemp plants, preserving their delicate terpenes for maximum benefit and exquisite taste
  • Ceramic coil CBD cartridge contains no contaminants and will not damage the terpenes
  • Straight Hemp Vape Oil contains no artificial flavors or additives.
  • This delivery system bypasses the liver and goes straight to the bloodstream for immediate effect
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Secure hemp vape cartridge to a 510 thread battery. Use as directed by your healthcare provider.

Full-spectrum hemp CBD extract.

50% CBD, 50% hemp terpenes,No fillers (PEG/PG, palm oils, vegetable glycerin, etc). No heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, or toxic solvents.

Produced using cGMP processes (cGMP is Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the Food & Drug Administration) and extensive batch-to-batch testing for quality control.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep CBD cartridge attached to the vape pen.

Ships in discreet packaging.

Each batch of Straight Hemp Vape Oil goes through a thorough lab analysis. We make each lab report available to view or download. [most recent report]

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Enhance your mood with our full spectrum Extract Tanks, containing only cannabinoids blended with cannabis-derived terpenes.

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Compass Series by Vessel

Craftsman Series by Vessel

Martian Candy HHC Extract Tank

Garlic Jam Δ8 Extract Tank

Clementine Δ8 Extract Tank

Blue Dream THC-O Tank

Clementine THC-O Extract Tank

Apple Fritter Δ8 Extract Tank

El Jefe Δ8 Extract Tank

Martian Candy Δ8 Extract Tank

Blue Dream CBD Extract Tank

God’s Gift CBD Extract Tank


Non-GMO Ingredients
All of our hemp CBD tinctures for sale are non-GMO, made without any genetically engineered ingredients.

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Certified Organic Ingredients
We use the highest quality, certified organic ingredients in all of our CBD tincture products.

Products Manufactured in a cGMP Facility
Our state of the art manufacturing facility is GMP Certified, meaning we are committed to the clean, ethical, and accurate development of our CBD tinctures and other hemp products for sale.

Third Party Tested
All of our hemp is third-party lab tested for pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals, and microbials.

Leaping Bunny
Leaping Bunny is a verifiable commitment to a non-animal testing policy. Being a cruelty-free company assures our customers that we do not perform or commission animal testing for both finished products and ingredients and that our products have been made without causing suffering or pain to animals.

CBD Vape Juice

Add some flavor to your CBD vaping routine with CBD vape juice. Specifically formulated for your CBD vaping device, CBD vape juice is available in a wide variety of flavors and strengths, as well as VG/PG ratios, so you’ll never run out of options to try. Explore Serenity Store’s wide-ranging selection of CBD vape juice today.

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About CBD Vape Juice

Vaping is an easy and convenient way to add CBD to your health and wellness routine. CBD vape juice is available in a wide selection of sizes, strengths, and flavors to meet all your CBD needs. You can use CBD vape juices alone or mix them with your favorite e-liquids to create a new, unique flavor. CBD vape juices should never be ingested orally; use them only with your vaping device.

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CBD Vape Juice Brands

CBDfx offers CBD vape juice in a variety of strengths and interesting flavors like gelato and rose. You can choose from CBD vape juice with or without terpenes, the compound in the hemp plant that gives it a distinct aroma and mild herbal taste. If you already have a favorite e-liquid but want to experience all the health and wellness benefits of CBD, then you’re in luck because the CBDfx product line features a hemp additive that you can add to any vape juice.

Another brand that has a fantastic selection of CBD vape juice in multiple strengths and flavors is Just CBD, who offer three deliciously fruity flavours in strengths ranging from 100mg to 1000mg!

CBD Vape Juice at Serenity Store

Serenity Store is your one-stop shop for all things CBD, including an abundance of CBD vaping products, such as CBD vape juice, to enhance your vaping experience. Our customers are our first priority, which is why we offer great prices and free standard shipping on all orders over $30. Find top brands like Lazarus Naturals at Serenity Store today!

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