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cbd oral drops

We stock a diverse range of CBD tinctures and oral drops products from the world’s top manufacturers. Many of our CBD tinctures / Oral drops products are designed to be applied directly, or added to food or drinks for convenient, great-tasting application.

Just getting started with CBD? Many of our high CBD tinctures / Oral drops products are available in a range of sizes and concentrations, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your preferences, needs and level of experience with products containing CBD.

Looking for CBD tinctures or CBD Oil Oral Drops? Our large range of cannabidiol (CBD) oils, also known as CBD tinctures or CBD oil oral drops, includes everything you need to get started and enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD starting from only £8.99 per 10ml for 250mg CBD Oil.

CBD tinctures / oral drops not suitable for you? Try our CBD E Liquids, CBD Edibles, CBD Gummies, or CBD Capsules for alternative CBD products.

Boosted Bioavailability: There’s a reason we include Organic Coconut Oil in the CBD Oral Drops. This wellness-enhancer increases CBD bioavailability, so you get a more potent, effective product.

750mg Formula: Each 1ml contains 25mg CBD

Coconut MCT Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Lime and Juniper Flavouring.

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Keep out of direct sunlight and below 25ºC.

Refreshing Flavour: We’ve swapped the traditional hemp taste for a completely natural, citrusy flavour, ensuring the CBD Oral Drops are a joy to use. They lend a healthy boost to your favourite food and drink; try squeezing a dropper in a latte, smoothie or salad dressing for a zesty upgrade.

Looking for higher strengths? Shop our Bright Days Oil, available in 500mg and 1500mg formulas.

300mg Formula: Each 1ml contains 10mg CBD

Pipette 2400mg 30ml bottle =

Double the strength double the servings!

Take 3 sprays ( 33.6 mg CBD) in the evening

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You’ll still be able to enjoy a clear, rich Berry flavour regardless of your chosen CBD strength. This is because we always adjust the amount of flavour for higher strengths in order to lessen the more prominent notes of hemp.

*70mg CBD exact or near, all calculations are approximate.

Our 30ml CBD Oil Oral Drops in Berry Flavour are ideal for those looking for a flavour which combines sweet notes with earthy hemp undertones.

We recommend 70mg of CBD daily. This is based on user research where we found that users who consistently took 70mg CBD were amongst the most satisfied customers.