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cbd oil vs rick simpson oil

RSO is also used to help with many other conditions, including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, depression, and insomnia. It can be applied topically or ingested.

As a result, RSO gained recognition as an alternative treatment for cancer sufferers and there have been numerous anecdotes of cancer remission.

What is CBD Oil?

Whereas RSO is psychoactive, illegal in most places, and used for serious conditions such as cancer, CBD oil is non-intoxicating, legal in most countries, and used mostly for everyday symptoms and general health benefits.

Indeed, the only major similarity between the two is that they’re both whole-plant cannabis extracts with an oil-like consistency containing CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and CBD oil are both made from the whole cannabis plant. That similarity aside, the two cannabis oil products are quite different.

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When it comes to cannabis oil, there are also medical benefits. Research has shown that some CBD oils, including those that contain THC, can help control seizures among people with epilepsy. The FDA has approved some drugs that contain CBD for seizure treatment.

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Other Medical Uses of Cannabis

Many U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use. There’s evidence that it can treat pain, nausea, and other symptoms.

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Cannabis is generally safe. Common side effects include dizziness or memory problems.

Online reports say Simpson is a Canadian engineer and cannabis activist. After a bad fall, he found that marijuana helped lessen his dizziness and other symptoms. Later, when he developed basal cell skin cancers on his arm, Simpson used cannabis oil as a treatment. As the reports go, his skin cancers went away.

To conclude, CBD Oil should not be confused with Rick Simpson Oil. RSO is a high-THC product that is illegal to make, use or possess in almost every country, even those where you can lawfully smoke dried flowers, but it has been reported to cure many chronic or even fatal diseases. CBD Oil, on the other hand, is a high-CBD product with practically no THC that’s legal almost everywhere and may help with many conditions but, by itself, is not considered a cure at this time.

Sounds great, right? It is, but here’s the rub. RSO is incredibly illegal, even in places where you can legally smoke a joint just for fun. It takes a lot of really high-grade cannabis to create a very small amount of RSO, and that makes it very expensive. Lastly, the Internet is filled with people trying to cash in on RSO, and most, if not all, are scamming people who’re desperate for help.

CBD Oil generally comes packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper for easy dosing. It’s dark in colour, but not nearly as thick as RSO. It contains almost no THC (trace amounts <0.2%), but a high percentage of CBD – usually between 2 and 4%. That means it’s not psychoactive and won’t get you high.


While Rick Simpson Oil hasn’t been studied by researchers, there are many real, everyday people out there who have used RSO to help treat their illness. If you’re curious, check out the testimonials on Rick Simpson’s official site or find a user forum with members who’ve had experience with RSO. People are not shy about sharing their stories.

It still takes about a 500g of hemp to make 60g of CBD oil, but hemp is much cheaper than recreational cannabis. Hemp is also legal to grow throughout Europe (some countries require a license, however), and it’s very easy to cultivate. It can be planted in fields like corn, and wild hemp grows in roadside ditches around the world.

RSO is extremely thick, nearly black, and usually stored in a syringe so that patients or their caregivers can measure out a precise dosage. To start, most patients eat a tiny bit of RSO, roughly equal the size of a half a grain of rice, every eight hours. From there, as their tolerance builds, they slowly work their way up to about a gram a day and stay there until they resolve their medical problem. After that, most people use a smaller, maintenance dose for a while as a precaution.

Published: July 11th, 2016
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