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cbd oil vending machines

I was looking for a reliable company to buy a vending machine in order to turn my CBD business into a 24-hour shop, and after researching on social media and search engines I chose to contact Harvin, as they seemed the most professional ones.

We added the Magic Baby touch 18 selectionsto complete our lines. This two powerful sales tools of Legal Cannabis are working 24 hour a day , they are working well and the collections now represent a major percentage of our turnover. Harvin is a Company strongly recommended, word of entrepreneur.”


With more than 20 years of experience in the vending machines industry, you can trust our cannabis vending machines as the best solution to boost your business!

I didn’t regret my choice, I would recommend Harvin to anyone looking for a competent vending machines’ company!

A compact, simple yet smart cannabis vending machine that can fit any location, even a small corner of your shop window.

The size of the machine is going to depend on what machine you may need.

This is by no means an ordinary vending machine. The American Green Cannabis Vendor is a unique Automatic Dispensing System. The American Green Cannabis System is a age verification system that allows a dispensary the opportunity of merchandising and selling age restricted products thru a automated dispensing system. American Greens patented protected technology interface is one of a kind and does some pretty cool things such as vein verification bio metrics and digital display merchandising as well as offering a wide variety of delivery options. This machine can be used for a wide variety of products and is built like a safe so products can be stored and dispensed from same location. With the American Green Dispensary Vending Solution you can speed up your lines and let your customer grab and go with little to no wait. Cannabis dispensaries are looking for faster and better ways to provide a customer a better shopping experience and with the American Green Dispensary Solution you can provide that.

Onsite Training And Setup Available Option

American Green Cannabis Vending Machine Age Verification Technology –

Vein Verification Bio Metrics Technology

Different Size Digital Displays

A Choice Of Machine Delivery Systems

Need a vending machine for those age restricted products? American Green has the solution and its called AGM Technology. What is AGM Technology? AGM Technology is a patented protected interface with our back end system that allows you to sign up customers and then verify at the machine or kiosk that they are who they say they are. WHAT you ask how could that be done. Well we use a high tech vein reader that reads the veins inside ones finger to verify that a person is who you signed up and checked their ID during the sign up process. Its new technology being used in government areas of business that need high security solutions. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to go over the cool details.