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cbd oil sweating

I've struggled with over sweating specifically in the armpits and tried a number of deodorants and antiperspirants and they don't make it past 10 minutes of wear. my sweating has only seemed to increase from 16 until now at the age of 20. When I first headed to the web for answers I was under whelmed to say the least. Hyperhidrosis doesn't have any simple solution and primary hyperhidrosis doesn't even have a known cause.

I have been partaking in cannabis use throughout my life an have to often been met with cotton mouth. Cotton mouth for those who don't know a reduction of saliva production in relation to marijuana. Marijuana has been know to cause dryness in eyes and the mouth. I didn't make the connection between cannabis and my reduced sweating until I reached university. Within minutes of smoking marijuana the sweating stops, depending on the amount I consume I can be dry from 30 minutes to 5+ hours. Now with this realization I wanted to research and understand what causes this and if there was any concrete evidence to support it.

What I found mirrored what my doctor told me about marijuana. There is very little research on medical marijuana especially in relation to hyperhidrosis. the only information I found connecting marijuana and hyperhidrosis were on reddit, so here I am. In understanding marijuana the most important cannabinoids to focus on are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that allows you to get high when smoked , but CBD provides no psychoactive properties. Since i'm looking for a practical solution to my sweating where I'm not impaired 24/7 I tried to research specifically CDB and sweating. I know that for me marijuana will stop sweating but the ultimate question is does the THC or the CBD produce this affect? I found that THC is what causes cotton mouth as it effects the saliva, and have seen women in menopause use CBD to reduce hot flashes. Even with these findings I'm not sure what in marijuana causes reduction in sweating as there were no scientific studies or facts presented. Since I cannot find concrete evidence online i'm on route to test it myself. CBD oil can be added to water, but there is also new CBD Juul pods available now so that's the resource I will try first. Mainly my purpose in writing this is to get input from others and develop a conversation about hyperhidrosis and cannabis. I have hopes that one day there will be marijuana infused deodorants and soaps that reduce this sweating and provide an alternative to the side effects and surgeries.

it goes both ways, though. people also report that thc consumption helps get rid of symptoms of hyperhidrosis. much like the fact that multiple systems could be at play to cause sweating, the same could be said for why cannabis may interact with a body’s sweat inhibition. thc may make people feel calm, physically looser, or more mentally aware (to name a few examples), and any of these may result in the body experiencing enough stimuli that it no longer finds itself in a state where it needs to produce sweat. it could also be from thc’s direct effects on the body with relation to body temperature.

lastly, it is always important to mention that the reason for any adverse reaction to cbd oil could be due to impurities in the cbd drops. do your homework, and make sure to hold your cbd company to the same standards as you would other sources of nutrition and supplements. buy organic cbd online from a reputable source that tells you where your hemp comes from and can provide third-party lab test results to prove it is as advertised.

looking further into this, 43% of products contained less cbd than were advertised, while 26% were over-labeled in terms of cbd content. of the tested “cbd samples,” 21% of them, or 18 of 84 samples also tested positive for thc! this is another reason why it is so important to have third-party lab results that prove there is no thc in your tinctures – you could be consuming thc without even knowing it. and if you live in a state where thc is illegal, you could also be unknowingly putting yourself at legal risk.

thc consumption and sweating

cbd’s efficacy towards anxiety could be another way in which it plays a secondary role in sweat control. if you find yourself sweating as a result of becoming anxious, cbd may help with the anxiety, and therefore also solve the issue of sweating. it also may help with night sweats, and same goes for symptoms associated with hot flashes.

cbd is helpful for regulating the endocannabinoid system (ecs), and the ecs in turn helps maintain homeostasis between all other systems in the body. excessive sweating from cbd consumption could potentially be explained by this, as sweat could be a side effect of the body’s attempt to maintain normalcy within its functioning systems by means of detoxification. the body can also sweat as a way of cooling oneself, but cbd has been shown to have no effect on body temperature or activity when administered in the absence of thc .

unfortunately, cannabis research is woefully behind the curve of other scientific research and advancements. massachusetts got the ball rolling in 1911 when they became the first state to outlaw cannabis, and by 1927 10 states had claimed it illegal. our “lord and savior” the us government then passed the marihuana tax act of 1937 (yeah, they spelled it like that lol) and began a federal indictment of the cannabis plant that is still being battled today.

we won’t get into further details on all of that in this article, but “marijuana’s” schedule 1 classification in 1970 meant that it has a high potential for abuse with no currently accepted medical treatment. baloney, we say, and many states over the past 30 years have begun to pass laws for medical, and later recreational cannabis use.