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Hallo- welcome to the city of freedom! Today, we’re travelling (virtually) to Amsterdam, the stunning capital of the Netherlands. It is a populous city full of locals with diverse nationalities. Although half of the city’s inhabitants are indigenous Dutch, some of them like to call themselves Amsterdammers or Mokumers in more colloquial terms. They are consistently reputed to have a friendly attitude towards foreigners. In fact, the vast majority are fluent in English, so there’s no need for overseas travellers to learn Dutch before circling the town.

Modern Amsterdam is characterised by its panoramic canals, stunning museums, a hippie community for foreign travellers, and green transportation systems that feature its very own cycling culture. Beyond being one of the most liberal and sociable towns with an impressive economic climate, Amsterdam is also home to unique Dutch cuisines and massive shopping points.


But first, a short glance at its rich history. Amsterdam nestles in the western part of the Netherlands, and under the province of North Holland. It’s not to be confused between the Netherlands and Holland as people often use these terms interchangeably. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is the official name of the country. Holland only refers to the two provinces of the Netherlands, namely North Holland and South Holland. Given that Amsterdam is located in North Holland, it is colloquially described as the “Venice of the North”, attributed by its more than 160 canals.

The legislative reform on CBD cultivation and production has opened a door of opportunity for consumers to purchase various CBD products legally. However, one must be very careful when it comes to buying CBD in Amsterdam. The laws and limitations regarding the use of CBD can be a double-edged sword. While you’re in luck to be able to choose from a wide selection of CBD products, you will also find it a bit tricky to come across products with questionable quality. Thus, it is essential to follow a few tips on how to shop CBD products like a local pro.

Even if you are a well-versed CBD user, a little effort of knowing its intriguing background and therapeutic claims can go a long way. So, let’s delve into this multipurpose molecule and let new insights steer us to an easier CBD experience.

Cannabis Oil is the concentrated and distilled form of the cannabis plant, with the plant material separated by the use of a solvent. Cannabis oil contains two main ingredients tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which is the second most active ingredient in a cannabis plant. Usually when these products are marketed for medicinal use, the oil tends to contain less THC than a ‘joint’, but both ingredients are often praised for their ‘healing powers’.

CBD Oil used as a skin care product has many benefits to the user, Often used in the treatment of eczema, melanoma and acne. It has many antioxidant benefits that far exceed that of vitamins C, E and even omega 3 fatty acids taken singularly. These elements are all present in Hemp oil making it an excellent source for antioxidants. The combination of all of these aid in the prevention of skin-ageing, UV protection and overall skin care and well-being.

CBD seeds

All of our Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich oil is made from organic grown plants in Europe. These CBD oils can be mixed with a a variety of vape-oils in order to enrich the CBD with a flavoured experience. These oils can be taken for personal use as well as dietary and medicinal purposes.

All of the seeds we sell are from a number of hybrids which have been cultured to incorporate a variation of major distinctive breeds of cannabis plants. These seeds have been the result of the cross-breeding of various strains in order to guarantee a higher CBD content than your typical strains of plant.

At the Amsterdam Seed Center we sell a wide range of CBD-containing products to fulfil all of your necessary needs and requirements.

From one of the few cities in the world that is under sea level comes CBD Oil Shop B.V., a one-stop shop that has the best hemp CBD oil the world has to offer, direct from the farmers that are only a stone throw away.

In our store you will find the best hemp CBD oil in the most useful doses to help achieve the balance that you endocannabinoid system so desperately needs and shows it in the form of symptomatic ailments that can be dealt with by achieving personal homeostasis, you will also find information, education and practical guides that can assure you are getting an appropriate dosage for your needs.

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