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cbd oil real or fake

the only real claim that can be made regarding cbd is that in a clean and wholesome state, it is safe, nontoxic, and generally well-tolerated . being able to distinguish between cbd’s potential benefits and its false claims is a great way to cue in on whether your cbd is real or fake.

the 2018 us farm bill made american-grown hemp legal in all 50 states. with that comes regulations regarding the growing and cultivating of hemp that can help ensure the hemp that is being extracted for your cbd product is clean and safe for consumption.

one reason you should always buy cbd online is the ability to fully vet the company you are looking to purchase from. having high quality, organic ingredients is not enough when buying cbd: if you are not receiving any cbd along with it, then what are you paying for? even when cbd is reasonably priced, its presence automatically makes a product more expensive. fake cbd can rear its ugly head in many ways, and one of those ways is when it is nonexistent in the product entirely!

are you staying away from amazon for cbd?

there is no substitute for co2 extraction . it is the safest method of extraction and creates minimal waste as a byproduct of the process. unlike the other solvents mentioned in this section, co2 ensures no harmful chemicals or contaminants will end up in your cbd. fortunately, co2 extraction is also the most widely used method among reputable cbd companies and should be regarded as industry standard.

cbd is federally unregulated and any medical claims tied to its efficacy are not only unsubstantiated, but are also being made illegally. if you are looking into any cbd product that makes claims to cure any type of health condition, pass a drug test, etc., you are looking at a fake cbd product.

regarding synthetic cbd’s efficacy, a 22-week study was conducted between groups taking natural and synthetic cbd. those who took the synthetic version were seen to display “dangerous levels of” two different enzymes that their bodies had created as a means of unsuccessfully trying to break down the synthetic cbd . in other words, your body is simply not able to process synthetic cbd ; be sure to consume only natural, organic cbd oil.

it is also best to buy organically grown hemp, which adheres to the same standards as all other organic produce. buying organic guarantees your hemp was not grown with any pesticides, fertilizers, or fungicides, and the like. just because it’s not in your local produce department, hemp is arguably more important to buy organic than other products since it is a hyperaccumulator , meaning it absorbs everything from the soil in which it grows.

What are CBD companies doing to protect their customers from counterfeit CBD? Well, according to our research, not enough.

Which brands meet all this criteria for the best quality CBD? Only one: Cornbread Hemp. You now know how to spot fake CBD oils. And more importantly, you know how to spot genuine CBD, and get the most from your supplement regimen.

High Dosage Numbers

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Amazon does not allow anything labeled “CBD” on its marketplace. But, Amazon does allow hemp products. 8 To take advantage of the Amazon ban on CBD, untrustworthy companies create fake hemp extract products that play within these Amazon rules.

So, you need to look very carefully at the listing. That mg level might be the dosage of hemp seed oil, not CBD content.