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cbd oil orange county ca

3. South Coast Safe Access

As for products, People’s OC offers 84 different CBD items: buds, tinctures, edibles, topicals, extracts, vapes and pre-rolls. Each item breaks down its percentage of CBD and/or THC (if applicable), allowing customers a sense of how much psychoactive punch an item packs.

Tinctures. Capsules. Balms. Oils. Patches. Gel pens. Vape cartridges. Even drinks, sour raspberry, peach or watermelon gummies and dark chocolate bars. Who knew there were so many ways to ingest, apply or inject CBD? And this Santa Ana emporium has seemingly every type of CBD dispenser and product at your disposal.

1900 Warner Ave., Unit A, Santa Ana; 949-474-7272;

Here you have a licensed dispensary that is one of the largest in the state. One that runs every item through a state-licensed laboratory, bringing those items to you with something called a Certificate of Analysis. And one that was named Dope Magazine’s 2017 Cannabis Store of the Year — one year after its 2016 founding.

You can’t find that at 420 Central, but you will find 118 different CBD products, along with knowledgeable budtenders and associates who possess a Gray’s Anatomy-meets-Wine Spectator depth and breadth of knowledge about CBD and its uses. It carries the popular Papa & Barkley products in numerous forms: patches, balms and capsules, and stocks only products that are lab-tested.

But make no mistake. People’s OC brings a proletarian approach to selling CBD and medical marijuana that seems more natural in Humboldt than in Santa Ana. People’s OC plays host to monthly Cannabis Farmers Markets, publishes a newsletter — the People’s California Newsletter — and stresses a social atmosphere in its marketing efforts. One blog on its webpage explains “How To Celebrate Pride During a Pandemic: Cannabis Edition.” There are regular VIP programs and contests and delivery service is available.

“5 stars across the board! Great service, professional, excellent products and very knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed. Fast and reliable.” SativaBlueGirl

“I'm new to CA, from Texas where I've never bought herb in my life honestly. Just always got it from my brothers there. These guys patiently walked me through the whole process. They let me text my order, and Venmo my payment. They also had a driver here within an hour! Amazing.” JessicaD

It doesn't take much! In order to streamline Member deliveries, we have a very affordable minimums for all orders based on your geographic location. It's easy! Any combination of products qualifies.

Organic South OC Marijuana

“Holy Heck! This experience was phenomenal. I've never had a better time with deliveries. 10/10, I'd recommend.” SamReed

Let's keep it to ourselves! Because your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, all Organic OC drivers drive their own vehicles and wear plain clothes.

Need weed fast? We guarantee 60 minutes or less for all of South OC! You'll be happy and healthy in no time! 60-90 minutes for North County and Beach Cities! If we don't get there in time, you get a free gift for your inconvenience.

“BEST MEDS, GREAT PRICES. They have great service, good meds, a variety of different strains and other goodies at great prices. Driver was very friendly. Fast delivery. Great customer service. Highly recommended.” LindaBear420

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"Just went back and let me tell ya, Amy B knows her stuff! She's a genuine marijuana expert for sure, much like all the employees here! I just love going to People's. Amy gave me such a good time this time around, I can't wait to finish my product and return! Shout out to Kurt / Curt, security as well!"