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cbd oil or capsules

We’ve outlined the main differences between our CBII CBD oil and capsules in this handy table below. These differences just relate to CBII products, not capsules or tincture oils as a whole:

The best part about the oils as opposed to the capsules is that you can tailor the strength to suit you. Our oils come in a choice of three strengths: 100 mg, 200 mg and 500 mg and we also have additional high-strength CBD bundles for those who are confident taking CBD.


Oils or tinctures delivered via drops under the tongue are also thought to be more readily and quickly absorbed by our bodies into the bloodstream as they aren’t processed via the digestive system like capsules are. This means it has what is called a higher bioavailability, so may be more effective in delivering all of the benefits of CBD.

How you choose to take your CBD comes down to personal preference. For example, you may dislike the taste of an oil and prefer to take a capsule, or perhaps you don’t like swallowing capsules so you prefer the dropper form. There is no right or wrong when it comes to CBD but there are a few differences between the two oral methods.

Our CBII CBD oils are higher in strength than our capsules and are also suitable for vegans (our capsules are not because they contain gelatine).

It’s from your bloodstream that any supplement has its effect. From here, a vitamin or mineral will be transported anywhere that it’s needed: vitamin A, for example, is needed in your eyes, or biotin in your nails. The fact that CBD taken this way enters your bloodstream immediately, therefore, means that its effects are immediate and more noticeable, too.

However, you may not have encountered it before. Where the oil is held under the tongue, you may find this uncomfortable. The issue is that you shouldn’t swallow straight away, as you need to allow the CBD to enter through the mucous membrane under your tongue. As it’s a feeling you’re unfamiliar with, you may not enjoy it, even if it is the quickest way to experience the effects of CBD.

They Aren’t Absorbed Easily If Not Taken with Food

Capsules are a different story entirely. They are swallowed, of course, and enter your stomach. Some is likely absorbed through the wall of the stomach, but most absorption occurs in the gut. It takes time for this process to fully complete, so the effect of the CBD takes longer to occur too.
It’s also possible that some of the CBD is broken down when in the stomach and the gut. The point of the digestive system is to take complex carbohydrates and proteins and break them down into simple sugars and amino acids. The stomach accomplishes this with stomach acid, which may have an effect on CBD too—nobody knows for sure.

Of course, you can do this with oil by simply taking more oil. But with capsules, you don’t have any choice: you can either take one, two, or more at a time. As such, you may end up taking more than you need to, which is wasteful.

The sublingual method isn’t unusual. Many common drugs, prescription and otherwise, are designed to be administered this way.